10 Christmas Gift Ideas to Offer to your Motorcycle

10 Idées Cadeaux de Noël à Offrir à sa Moto

The motorcycle, an object of passion if ever there was one, deserves our full attention on a daily basis. We pamper it, we clean it, we maintain it, we customize it. If in winter many of them hibernate while waiting for better days, some maintenance is necessary in this period of time.

If you feel like dropping a small package under the tree for your traveling companion, we have selected 10 quality items for you.

Our selection of 10 Christmas gifts for motorcycles

Suitable for all budgets, from €34.90 to €109.90, discover our list of accessories to maintain or equip a motorcycle.

  1. Vulcanet Cleansing Wipes (€42.95)
Vulcanet Cleansing Wipes

Box of 80 cleaning wipes, without water plus 1 thick microfiber (420 g) washable. The reference in terms of cleaning!

Honeycomb weave that captures dirt avoiding the risk of scratches.

  1. SW22 Shad tank bag (€89.00)
SW22 Shad tank bag

100% waterproof (IPX5), this bag attaches directly to the motorcycle via 4 magnetic points. High frequency welded finishes, no seams.

13 liter capacity, expandable with the external storage flap for gloves or jacket.

  1. Saddlebag SR38 Shad (€109.00)
Saddlebag SR38 Shad

10 liter side bag with 100% waterproof inner lining. Fixing system with quick release (lock with key).

Pleasant to carry thanks to its padded shoulder strap.

  1. GENIUS 5 Noco Smart Charger (€109.90)
GENIUS 5 Noco smart charger

Indispensable for protecting and maintaining 6 V and 12 V batteries, the Genius 5 5-amp charger maintains and charges all batteries (lead, acid, gel/AGM, maintenance-free and Lithium-ion).

Allows you to recharge discharged batteries down to 1 V and down to 0 V with the new FORCE mode.

  1. Highsider interior protective cover (€49.90)
Highsider Indoor Motorcycle Cover

Available in 4 sizes (S, M, L, XL), this very beautiful soft textile cover (stretch) protects the motorcycle from dust during the winter season.

The cover, from the German manufacturer Highsider, is delivered to you with its handy storage bag to keep it clean until the next use.

  1. Brazoline 19-piece ratchet set (€39.00)
Brazoline 19 Piece Ratchet Set

A must in the motorcycle workshop, this very good quality box of 1/4 ratchet wrenches comes complete.

Sockets from 6 to 14 mm, 1/4 ratchet, gimbal, screwdriver handle, T-handle, 2 extensions.

  1. Motorcycle Stand Bihr (€84.00)
Bihr Motorcycle Kickstand

Universal rear stand, delivered with L-shaped rubber supports. Dismountable in 3 parts, its assembly is quick and easy.

  1. Motowolf phone holder (€34.90)
Motowolf phone holder

Robust and resistant, this high quality aluminum support offers an ideal solution for those who like to film while driving.

2 adjustment screws allow you to adapt the support to the dimensions of your phone. Fits 19-30mm handlebars.

  1. Putoline ACTION KIT air filter maintenance kit (€89.99)
Air filter maintenance kit ACTION KIT Putoline

Action Kit is a complete solution for cleaning and maintaining the foam air filter. Contains, among other things, 1 Action Cleaner 4 liter canister, 1 Action fluid 1 liter canister, ceramic grease etc.

  1. Pressure gauge 0 to 4 bars (€49.90)
Pressure gauge 0 to 4 bar

To check tire pressure quickly and accurately, this needle pressure gauge (graduations in BAR and PSI) is a must for your workshop.

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