10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Bikers

10 Idées Cadeaux de Noël pour Motards

Finding the right gift idea for a biker friend, a close Café racer lover, a lover of beautiful bikes, can quickly become complicated, especially if you are not a biker yourself.

This is why, in order to help you and perhaps save you time to make your various purchases during the holiday season with peace of mind, we have prepared a list of 10 items of equipment for motorcyclists.

Each of them has been carefully selected by our team for their manufacturing quality, their approvals as well as their design and originality. Useful, original and stylish, they will satisfy the most demanding bikers.

Offer quality motorcycle equipment

Specialist in the world of Café racer, Blackpines offers in its online store the parts, accessories and equipment necessary for the success of beautiful motorcycle preparation.

Take advantage of our expertise to offer a quality gift while respecting your budget.

Our selection of 10 Christmas gifts for bikers

From €40.00 to €498.00, discover our selection of motorcycle equipment for motorcyclists.

  1. SAFARI Fuel Motorcycles Men's Motorcycle Jacket (€498.00)
Safari Fuel Motorcycles Men's Motorcycle Jacket

Excellent ¾ jacket for motorcycling, the Safari model from Fuel Motorcycles is also available in sand color. Lighter, more comfortable than a standard motorcycle jacket, it offers triple A protection . Collar closure, leather reinforcements, 6 pockets, rain jacket, ride protected.

  • YKK double ratchet closure;
  • Fuel 3CORE single-layer fabric;
  • removable Smoothways CE level 2 protectors (back, elbows, shoulders);
  • AAA-certified, UKCA;
  • rain jacket included.

Bonus idea : also exists for women ( women's safari jacket )

  1. Motorcycle Jacket GREASY Fuel Motorcycles (€240.00)
Men's motorcycle jacket Greasy Fuel Motorcycles

In a pure vintage style, the GREASY jacket from Fuel Motorcycles can be worn on a Café racer as well as in everyday life. A sturdy jacket crafted from 14oz denim combined with a Dupont Kevlar/Aramid blend. A safe jacket with an elongation at the back ensuring better insulation.

  • 14oz denim, DuPont™ Kevlar® / Aramid (single layer);
  • CE level 2 approved protectors (elbows, shoulders, back);
  • CE Class AA approved;
  • forearm zipper;
  • inside pocket.

Bonus idea : offer the matching pants ( Greasy denim pants ).

  1. Raincoat THUNDER Fuel Motorcycles (€76.00)
Raincoat Thunder Fuel Motorcycles

Designed down to the smallest detail to ensure 100% waterproofing , the THUNDER raincoat is essential equipment for staying dry. Its white sleeves and reflective inscriptions ensure that you are well seen by other road users in bad weather.

  • 100% waterproof outer fabric;
  • taped seams;
  • waterproof YKK zipper;
  • high quality velcro prevents water from seeping in;
  • concealed hood at collar.

Bonus idea : motorcycle rain jacket ( Rescue Raincoat jacket ).

  1. Motorcycle Pants SELVEDGE GREASY Fuel Motorcycles (€389.50)
Greasy Fuel Motorcycles Selvedge Pants

Top quality pants! The GREASY SELVEDGE from Fuel Motorcycles is a unique pair of pants. Lightweight and comfortable, it offers AA safety . Selvedge denim requires a longer manufacturing process from specific material. It provides superior strength and incomparable longevity .

  • 14oz single layer denim;
  • denim/aramid blend;
  • tapered lower leg;
  • premium CE approved Polyanswer protectors (hips and knees);
  • CE certified, class AA.

Bonus idea : discover the Fuel boots ( Paratroops boots ).

  1. Black Motorcycle Gloves RODEO Fuel Motorcycles (€80.00)
Rodeo Fuel Motorcycles Gloves

A Fuel classic, the RODEO leather gloves are a safe bet for motorcyclists looking for safety and comfort. CE certified , with PVC protection and perforations for better ventilation in hot weather, the RODEO gloves benefit from concertina seams on the middle and ring finger for better flexibility.

  • 100% cowhide perforated leather;
  • CE Certified, Level 2 KP;
  • integrated knuckle protectors;
  • adjustable opening at the cuffs;
  • suede inserts.

Bonus idea : Rodeo Olive gloves ( RODEO Olive motorcycle gloves ).

  1. Motorcycle Pants SERGEANT 2 black Fuel Motorcycles (€304.00)
Sergeant 2 Fuel Motorcycles Pants

For motorcyclists favoring safety, comfort and good sensations, the new SERGEANT 2 pants from Fuel Motorcycles are made of single-layer fabric (Fuel 3Core). Triple AAA protection , it incorporates level 2 protections for the knees and hips.

  • 3 colors and a waxed version (black, sahara, waxed, colonial);
  • 3CORE monolayer;
  • new level 2 adjustable protections (knees);
  • level 2 protection (hips);
  • CE/UKCA AAA certified.

Bonus idea : similar model for women ( women's sergeant pants 2 ).

  1. SCRAMBLER Fuel Motorcycles Tee Shirt (€40.00)
Fuel Motorcycles Men's Scrambler T-Shirt

High quality t-shirt, made in Barcelona. Made from the best materials, it offers excellent comfort .

  • 100% cotton;
  • 150gsm;
  • made in Spain.

Bonus idea : Scrambler Kid T-shirt.

  1. Full Face Helmet FULL MOON black red interior (€359.95)
Full Moon Fuel Motorcycles Full Face Helmet

Sleek, elegant, the FULL MOON full-face helmet from the French manufacturer Mârkö is a safe bet. Inspired by the models of helmets from the 60s, it is equipped with a thin and low chin guard offering a very wide field of vision. Aerodynamic and soundproofed , its ventilation grilles provide excellent ventilation.

  • composite fiber shell;
  • removable and washable interior;
  • ECE-R 22-05 and DOT approved;
  • antibacterial fabric;
  • possible intercom system.

Bonus idea : Full Moon visor ( Dark Silver visor ).

  1. Jet Helmet BOREAL CARBONE MAT Mârkö (€329.95)
Jet Boreal Carbon Helmet Fuel Motorcycles

With this top-of-the-range version of the BOREAL series, you are sure to please. Carbon shell, excellent ventilation, long anti-scratch visor, retractable and adjustable sun visor, compatible with glasses or sunglasses, acoustic insulation, micrometric closure, this superb approved jet helmet will cause a sensation.

  • carrying case ;
  • carbon shell;
  • ECE-R 22-05 approved;
  • removable and washable interior;
  • micrometric closure.

Bonus idea : long smoked visor ( boreal helmet visor ).

  1. Demi-Jet helmet GRASSE matt black/brown Mârkö (€199.00)
Grasse Fuel Motorcycles demi-jet helmet

Inspired by the helmets used by helicopter pilots, the Demi-Jet GRASSE has an original and unique shape. A helmet with an elegant matte black shell. This model will delight Bobber, Café Racer and scooter owners. A perfectly balanced 1 kg helmet for premium comfort .

  • carrying case ;
  • polycarbonate shell;
  • ECE-R 22-05 approved;
  • internal sun visor + long visor;
  • adapted eyeglasses.

Bonus idea : smartphone support ( aluminum phone support ).

How to choose the right size ?

No worries ! On each of our product sheets, you will find all the necessary information (size guide, videos) to select the right size. If despite this you hesitate, call on our team , we will be able to advise you: contact Blackpines .

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