Mârkö motorcycle helmets: the choice of quality

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The motorcycle helmet is a mandatory accessory and necessary protective equipment to protect the head from shocks in the event of a fall. The materials used for its design are essential, both to limit its weight and to ensure real comfort of use. For café racer enthusiasts, aesthetics are an important criterion and the choice of a vintage motorcycle helmet should not be made at the expense of quality and safety.

A desire clearly displayed by the French brand Mârkö . Because their values ​​are close to ours, Blackpines now includes their retro helmets and goggles in their catalog. They will seduce you with their quality and resolutely vintage design. These vintage jet, integral or cross helmets at affordable prices make Mârkö a permanent passport to adventure. Discover Mârkö motorcycle helmets: the choice of quality .

A project born of mutual aid between bikers

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The Mârkö adventure began about ten years ago. Marc, on his BMW GS and Pascal on a BMW K 1200 are returning from a stay in the Mercantour park. They are far from suspecting that a few kilometers in front of them, a fortuitous meeting will concretize their project. Seeing a biker in distress, they naturally stop to help him.

Romain's old Honda CX 500 won't start anymore, so the two friends offer to drive him to the next town. Finally, the discussion leads them around a meal that continues, the beginnings of a solid friendship .

From then on, the three friends stayed in touch and then, over many trips on the winding roads of France, Marc and Pascal submitted their project to Romain to create a brand of motorcycle helmets . Enthralled by the idea, Romain joined them in Paris as soon as he finished his studies.

In 2015, their first retro helmet was produced: the Boréal . The three friends decide to get started and to thank Marc for coming to rescue him, Romain suggests using his first name as the brand name. Pascal will then propose to give it a more adventurous tone.

Here's how, born of mutual aid between bikers, Mârkö began its journey and offered helmets and goggles in the Café Racer spirit .

Mârkö, experience at the service of safety

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Despite its very recent creation, the French brand is enjoying growing success . Just look at the number of bikers on the roads wearing vintage helmets and Mârkö masks .

The success of the neo-retro style has sometimes prompted the production of accessories based primarily on looks, at the expense of comfort and safety. Marc, Pascal and Romain, all three bikers, strong in their experience and driven by a common goal, thought about their project differently.

The motorcycling world is vast, the way of riding and the style are unique to each and everyone. However, the same engine motivates bikers and bikers: the spirit of freedom, adventure, surpassing oneself . Also, to take full advantage of the pleasure of riding it is necessary to benefit from irreproachable equipment.

The founders of Mârkö, experienced motorcyclists, produce helmets designed down to the smallest detail. In addition to the meticulous work on aerodynamics and the choice of materials used (composite fibers or carbon), there are many clever and practical details. Mârkö has placed safety at the heart of its concerns to allow you to live your own adventures without risk, a position supported and encouraged by Blackpines .

Safe and accessible vintage helmets

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The purchase of a helmet is motivated by its daily use, to meet traffic requirements in urban mode or on the road, the way of driving or simply for its design. For the Mârkö brand, as for the other brands available in our shop, such as Motogadget equipment , Blackpines offers you detailed product sheets to inform you about the different characteristics to take into account when choosing your helmet:

  • the form ;
  • the size ;
  • the weight ;
  • ventilation ;
  • certification;
  • Security ;
  • comfort ;
  • the materials ;
  • the style ;
  • the interview.

Mârkö expresses a strong desire to allow everyone to equip themselves at decent prices and accessible to as many people as possible. Their ranges of full-face helmets , Jet helmets and cross helmets correspond, in all respects, to the rigorous criteria imposed by Blackpines. They benefit from superb finishes, a wide variety of colors, advanced technologies and an exceptional field of vision.

They are also easy to maintain and allow the use of glasses or sunglasses as well as headphones. An important detail to stay connected to your GPS or to an application such as Mo.Ride and thus benefit from real-time monitoring of your motorcycle. These helmets are perfectly adapted to the Café Racer universe.

Thus, the vintage full-face helmet  Full Moon perfectly illustrates the values ​​of the three founders of the Mârkö brand. Respecting the environment by using sustainable materials and offering the possibility of acquiring a safe retro motorcycle helmet at a reasonable price.

Vintage motorcycle goggles from Mârkö

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For their masks, Marc, Pascal and Romain were inspired by models used in aviation and more specifically those of Royal Air Force bomber pilots. These masks are an undeniable must to assert a resolutely vintage look. An essential accessory for Vikingar MX cross helmets, they can also be combined with a full-face helmet such as the Full Moon to replace the visor.

Perfectly adaptable, the masks offered by the French brand Mârkö guarantee maximum safety and a design that will not go unnoticed. It's hard not to fall for the new B3 mask or the now famous B8 . Benefiting, like the helmets, from particularly neat finishes, you will love their great comfort of use and their efficiency .

The B3 and the B8 protect you from the risk of glare, and provide you with 100% UV protection. They are also compatible with prescription glasses . We invite you to browse our product sheets to appreciate all of their features.

Consult our shop and take the time to discover these helmets and goggles that have clearly seduced us.

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