New motorcycle saddle: the universal Scrambler saddle in tailor-made quality

Nouvelle selles scrambler universelle marque Blackpines.

The saddle of a Café racer occupies a primordial place in the visual aspect of the motorcycle. Depending on the type of preparation, its shape will vary to adapt perfectly to the desired style. Single-seater and shell for a Café racer, spring-loaded for a Bobber, with an angular shell and plate for a Flat Track, thin and elongated for a Brat or even a flat and elongated two-seater for a Scrambler, there is something for everyone. .

Saddles have so far come in two main categories: custom-made and universal saddles. Why " decline "? Discover without further delay a novelty in the world of motorcycle saddles: the custom-made quality universal Scrambler saddle .

Guide to motorcycle saddle offers

The current motorcycle saddle market can be divided into two main categories:

  • universal saddles : for a uniform adaptation on the majority of motorcycles;
  • made-to-measure saddles : designed by a saddler according to the customer's wishes.

Custom- made saddles are created from A to Z according to customer orders. The price therefore depends on the specificity of the materials requested and the work to be provided. For its part, the universal saddle market tends towards standard quality products, or even inferior ones, to ultimately offer a motorcycle saddle that is not expensive or at least much more affordable than a custom-made saddle.

However, the risk of disappointment, both in terms of quality, premature wear and the comfort felt in use often goes hand in hand with the purchase price. The choice of a universal saddle must be made with care and requires checking, as much as possible, the nature of the materials used in its composition.

A custom quality universal Scrambler saddle

bpcr motorcycle saddles made in france

Our article began as follows:

“The saddle of a café racer occupies an essential place in the visual aspect of the motorcycle. »

It's clear, making the decision to transform a production motorcycle into a Scrambler is above all a matter of passion . The joy of seeing your project take shape, as the changes are planned, is matched only by the visual satisfaction of the result obtained.

A Scrambler , like any Café racer, is a unique bike, a pleasure for the eyes and for driving . This passion, we live it on a daily basis and we wanted to push personalization to the limit. How ?

By creating a universal Scrambler saddle, but of a tailor-made quality . A saddle designed by Blackpines, designed and manufactured in France by an artisan-saddler . It has been designed to adapt to the greatest number of motorcycles and no longer have to suffer from a saddle with dimensions that are too short or too long.

We offer the Scrambler BPCR by Blackpines Café Racer saddle in four versions:

bpcr universal camel motorcycle saddle
black saddle scrambler brat universal
vintage brown scrambler motorcycle saddle
alcantara saddle universal motorcycle scrambler brat

To give it a different touch, we took inspiration from steel watch straps to give your Scrambler a new and original stitching design.

Comparison of Scrambler saddles with the BPCR saddle

We know that faced with the many offers available on the NET, it can be complicated to get a clear idea of ​​​​the different saddles. To help you, we suggest comparing universal saddles, custom-made saddles and BPCR saddles in the table below:

Universal Saddle Custom saddle BPCR saddle
Mousse Standard Bultex Bultex
Handmade No Yes Yes
Availablity Immediate Several weeks Immediate
Average price observed €100 to €300 €500 to + €1,000 €450 to €550
Cover Low-end synthetic leather Leather / Synthetic Leather / Premium Synthetic Leather Premium synthetic leather
Comfort - + +
Staples and fixing of the coating

Iron. Stapled directly to the synthetic leather (risk of tearing)

Stainless steel on elastic band Stainless steel on elastic band
Rain protection None Foam protected by a plastic film Foam protected by a plastic film
Dimensions No standards Custom made Studied to adapt to the greatest number of motorcycles
Saddle bottom Plastic On request: original saddle bottom, Dibond, aluminum ... Requires its manufacture Dibond
Sewing Standard, straight or diamond shape On demand Unique and exclusive shape
Origin Mostly from Asia France France

You will find our different models of saddles available on our online store in our dedicated section . And of course, we remain at your disposal to answer your questions. Do not hesitate to contact us .

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