Suzuki GSX Inazuma: a good base

suzuki gsx inazuma scrambler café racer.

Suzuki GSX Inazuma: a good base for a cafe racer

Looking for a versatile base ? The Suzuki GSX Inazuma proves to be an ideal motorcycle for all styles of preparation . A brief overview of its main characteristics which inspired Blackpines Café Racer in the realization of a Scrambler.


Do not be fooled by appearances ! Behind its dated side, the Inazuma is a motorcycle that holds up. Indeed, the Japanese roadsters of the 90s have proven themselves and have the advantage of offering a good quality mid-range. A preparation often takes shape around the engine. With its 4-cylinder air-oil carburettor as powerful as it is robust, the Inazuma is an easy-to-handle motorcycle that allows all project ideas. Equipped with an easy-to-modify tubular steel frame, mounting a rear loop becomes child's play. The absence of electronic management also greatly facilitates the modification of the electrical elements of the motorcycle. On the look side, its imposing tank with rounded curves corresponds perfectly to the Café Racer style. Finally, its affordable price (around €2,000 on the second-hand market depending on its condition) makes it a perfect motorcycle for a first preparation.

Its strengths :

  • reliable ;

  • easy to handle;

  • affordable price;

  • good quality motorization;

  • tubular steel frame;

  • lack of electronic management.

Inazuma Scrambler by Blackpines

Blackpines Café Racer has tried the exercise with a 750 for which everything has been redesigned. The beauty has therefore been stripped bare... and sifted through to transform into a Scrambler! The first step was to apply epoxy black paint to most of the major components such as the engine, swingarm, frame and rims. The objective was to start again on a healthy and reliable basis without aiming for performance. All consumables have been replaced, the wiring harness simplified and all the original parts have gone through the paint booth. A stainless steel half exhaust line has been made to measure in order to let its 4 carburettors breathe, equipped with K&N type horns. To respect the Scrambler spirit, a rear loop has been added. The seat bottom was made to measure just like the saddle, dressed by a saddler in burgundy leather. The mudguard was removed, gaiters were installed and knobby tires were added to complete the style.

Workshop tips :

  • create an optical illusion by fleshing out the fork with aluminum sleeves, placed between the two fork triple trees;

  • create a compartment under the seat to hide all the electrical components.

Through this project, the idea was to create a preparation that was both aesthetic and accessible. With a few tricks, ideas and a lot of passion, the Inazuma revealed its full potential. If the parts of this preparation inspire you, here is the list of products available in our shop: Headlight , Speedometer , handlebars , mirrors , gaiters , tank cap , thermal strip , silencer , rear light , rear buckle , footrests , indicators .

Discover this creation in photos :

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