Batterie 4 poles AGM Motobatt MB12U.
Batterie 4 poles AGM Motobatt MB12U.
Batterie 4 poles AGM Motobatt MB12U.
Batterie 4 poles AGM Motobatt MB12U.

MB12U 15Ah 4-Pole Motorcycle Battery | Motobatt

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Ref. : MB12U

Quadflex batteries offer a unique 4-terminal system to balance cold cranking and Amp-hour capabilities.

The available space of the standard box is entirely used by Motobatt in order to maximize the dimensions of the plates. The combination of thicker plate grids and added density increases Amp-Hour capacity, durability and amps (cold cranking).

MB12U Battery Features

  • ampere-hour: +20%;
  • Cold Cranking Amps: +20%;
  • pure lead-calcium grids for superior strength;
  • larger surface area per plate to increase performance and increase longevity;
  • toughened fiberglass separators (military grade), vibration resistant;
  • multi-terminal design, easy to add accessories;
  • Factory activated battery (no acid to fill), just check charge;
  • extremely low self-discharge rate.
Battery reference MB12U
Voltage 12V
CCA 160
Capacity (10h) 15Ah
Weight 4.40kg
Dimensions L: 134mm W: 80mm H: 161mm TH: 175mm

Location of terminals


Terminals 2, M6x2.5 (Part#MPT2)
Screw 4, M6X7 (Part#2xMPS2)
Allen screws 1, 4x4 (Part#MPAK2)
Terminal caps 4, 12x5.5 (Part#2xMPC2)
Spacing 1.14mm Bottom (Part#MPBS5)

Replaces the following batteries

Yuasa YB12AA, YB12AA, SYB12AAWS, YB12ALA, YB12ALA2, YB12AB, YB12CA, 12N124A, 12N124A1.

MB12U battery manual (PDF 357.57 KB)

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