Gants moto Dark Grey Endurage Fuel Motorcycles.
Gants moto Dark Grey Endurage Fuel Motorcycles.

Motorcycle gloves Dark Gray ENDURAGE | Fuel Motorcycles

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New “Expedition Garment Division” collection.

Fuel Motorcycles presents its new Dark Gray Endurage gloves. Tested during the Dakar Rally, they perfectly meet the expectations of demanding enduro riders. Designed to deliver exceptional performance, they are perfect for rough trails and mountainous terrain.

With their sturdy design and quality construction, these gloves are made to last and provide you with optimal comfort.

Technical characteristics of the Dark Gray Endurage gloves

  • palms with silicone anti-slip;
  • touch screen compatible;
  • Polyester Spandex + Nylon Neoprene;
  • synthetic suede leather;
  • Velcro adjustment;
  • tested at the Dakar Rally.

Technical details Endurage Dark Gray gloves.

Superior grip and ideal fit

The palm of the gloves features a non-slip silicone coating, providing maximum grip and increased comfort. This will allow you to maintain total control over your handlebars, even in the most extreme conditions.

The Dark Gray Endurage gloves are equipped with a velcro closure. You can therefore easily adjust them to your wrist. You benefit from an adjustment adapted to your hands for optimal comfort and a feeling of support in all circumstances.

Compatible with touch screens

Thanks to integrated touchscreen technology, you can use your smartphone or GPS without having to remove your gloves. Stay connected and navigate easily, while keeping your hands protected.

Enduro Dark Gray ENDURAGE outfit.

Gloves made from premium materials

The Enduro Dark Gray Endurage Gloves are made of Polyester Spandex and Nylon Neoprene. Polyester Spandex is resistant to wear and wrinkles and is very easy to maintain. The gloves benefit from significant elasticity and stretchability. Spandex polyester textiles thus retain their initial shape while guaranteeing comfort and great freedom of movement.

Neoprene nylon is a composite material with many advantages for enduro gloves.

  • Abrasion resistance : protects hands from contact caused by branches or stone projections.
  • Flexibility and freedom of movement : the gloves adapt perfectly to the shape of the hands, for precise steering.
  • Waterproof properties : keeps hands dry while maintaining good grip on the handlebar grips.
  • Thermal insulation : Neoprene helps protect hands in cool weather. Particularly useful when practicing enduro in the early morning, in cold weather or in the mountains.

The ideal combination of strength, durability and flexibility offered by these superior quality materials are in fact perfectly suited to motorcycle and enduro riding. Additionally, synthetic suede leather adds a touch of style while improving durability.

Durability tested and approved at the Dakar Rally

The Dark Gray Endurage gloves have been tested and approved during the famous Dakar Rally , one of the most demanding races in the world. Their exceptional performance in extreme conditions makes them a reliable choice for all enduro enthusiasts.

With the Enduro Dark Gray Endurage gloves you are ready to face all the challenges of enduro. Their superior grip, optimal comfort and durability will allow you to fully concentrate on your driving. Don't compromise when choosing your enduro gloves - opt for excellence with Endurage.

Order your Dark Gray Endurage Enduro gloves now and enjoy an uncompromising driving experience!

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