Lubrifiant chaines moto OX Ring Putoline 70289.

O/X Ring Chain Lube 500ml | Putolin

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Ref. : 70289

For regular chains and chains with O/X/Z O-rings, Putoline's special formula gives O/X Ring lubricant excellent resistance to high temperatures.

The penetrating and water-repellent properties of this aerosol perfectly lubricate all rotating and hard-to-reach points.

Characteristics of O/X Ring lubricant

  • aerosol;
  • 500ml;
  • chain lubricant.

O/X Ring User Manual

  1. Apply preferably immediately after a motorcycle ride.
  2. Spray the product inside the links, towards the small sprocket (The spray foams during application, which allows better penetration of the product).
  3. Spray twice at most.
  4. Excess material will spray while driving.

Reapply the chain spray after 500 km or after riding in the rain.

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