Contacteur MO.LOCK NFC | Motogadget -
Contacteur MO.LOCK NFC | Motogadget -
Contacteur MO.LOCK NFC | Motogadget -
Contacteur MO.LOCK NFC | Motogadget -
Contacteur MO.LOCK NFC | Motogadget -

MO.LOCK NFC contactor | Motogadget

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The new Mo.Lock NFC, discretion and efficiency

To meet the requirements of custom motorcycle tuners, Motogadget has developed a new discreet, high-performance and ultra-secure contactless ignition lock using NFC technology. The Mo.Lock NFC will allow you to purify your dashboard by removing the mechanical lock (neiman) which has become useless.

Its small size will allow you to position it wherever you want, hiding it behind a non-metallic surface.

Start or cut the ignition of your motorcycle remotely

Based on the latest NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, the Mo.Lock NFC is, unlike radio remote controls, inviolable . Each key (in the shape of a round badge) the size of a key ring is provided with a unique numerical code .

Once your Mo.Lock NFC is installed in the place of your choice on your motorcycle, all you have to do is approach your key to 2 or 4 cm to switch the ignition on or off. Your Mo.Lock NFC can only be activated with the correct digital code of one of the associated keys.

The mo.lock NFC switches a relay with a possible load of up to 40 A - enough power for every on-board system.

The new NFC mo-lock is equipped with an LED on the front that indicates different states by color.

To protect the battery, the standby current in off mode is only 3.2 mA, reduced to 1.5 mA after 16 hours and after 8 days to 0.75 mA.

NOTE: We do not recommend using the mo.lock in combination with immobilizers! Please contact your dealer/manufacturer for information on possible immobilizer deactivation.

The advantages offered by the Mo.Lock NFC

  • the keys and the Mo.Lock are not subject to mechanical wear;
  • NFC technology is inviolable (each key has a unique code);
  • the keys work without batteries;
  • indirect switching by the 40 A main relay prevents any risk of overload or burnt pins;
  • the Mo.Lock NFC is very compact and can be hidden mounted in many places;
  • its molded design guarantees sealing and vibration resistance;
  • possibility of acquiring additional keys;
  • the switching distance of 2 to 4 cm ensures real comfort of use while excluding the possibility of accidental switching on;
  • 1 built-in LED indicates the status of the Mo.Lock NFC when mounting, connecting and learning new keys.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 MB. Lock NFC;
  • 1 user key and 1 additional key;
  • 1 x 12V/40A Automotive Relay;
  • detailed instructions for assembly and use.

TIP : consider ordering the mo.lock NFC connection cable kit sold separately. A complete wiring harness saves a lot of time during assembly.

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