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Équipement motocross vintage Racing Division, marque Fuel Motorcycles.

Blackpines presents the brand new collection of clothing and accessories for the practice of off-road, motocross and enduro "Racing division" from Fuel Motorcycles.

Created in 2012, the Spanish brand Fuel Motorcycles is now recognized worldwide for the quality of its motorcycle equipment combining vintage style and modern technologies.

It was in Barcelona that its two founders began the adventure with the customization of motorcycles and very quickly associated their passion for vintage. Passionate about enduros, rallies and motocross, they design durable, comfortable and functional clothing that meets their needs and requirements.

Their jackets, pants, jerseys, gloves, etc. are subjected to uncompromising tests during, for example, their annual event: the Scram Africa . This rally, organized by Fuel, brings together bikers from all over the world on their BMW, Triumph, Royal Enfield, Ducati scramblers every year.

This year, Fuel Motorcycles offers its brand new line of Motocross and Enduro gear. Discover without further delay the 2022 collection of Motocross and Enduro "Racing Division" equipment.

Complete Motocross Racing Division gear collection from Fuel Motorcycles.


New Fuel Collection: Racing Division

This year, Fuel Motorcycles presents its brand new collection, entirely dedicated to the practice of off-road motorcycling: "RACING DIVISION".

Complete equipment with a retro design, inspired by the 70s, intended for motorcyclists and female riders practicing enduro and motocross. Whether you are driving a cross bike, a trail bike or a prepared scrambler , off-roading requires the wearing of robust, reassuring, functional and comfortable clothing.

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The Racing Division jersey

White with black sleeves or black with white sleeves, the motocross jersey from the Racing Division collection is available in 5 sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL.

White Racing Division jersey.
Back of the white Racing Division jersey.

Designed using High IQ® Cool Comfort technology, it offers real comfort of use by wicking away moisture, allowing you to stay dry and cool. For optimal adaptation to your morphology, it benefits from a "body mapped" fabric.

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The Racing Division pants

Available in sizes 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, these superb motocross pants will surprise you with their sturdiness and comfort.

Fuel Motorcycles Racing Division MX pants.
Back of Fuel Motorcycles Racing Division cross pants.

In addition to the combination of polyester (50%) and elastin (20%), these pants also include leather (30%) on the inside of the knees to limit loss of grip and prevent premature wear.

Leather inserts on the knees of the Racing Division pants.

In terms of well-being, the adjustable side closures, the ratchet type closure and the preformed knees bring a real plus in the demanding practice of enduro or motocross, for leisure or competition.

Adjustable ties on Racing Division cross pants.
Ratchet closure of the Racing Division motocross pants.
Racing Division cross pants design.

As with the rest of the collection, there is no shortage of aesthetic details on the pants, winged tiger logo, Swen leather side inscriptions. And for the little extra, a very useful carrying bag in the colors of the range.

Racing Division cross pants storage bag.

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Racing Division gloves

Light, comfortable, ergonomic, these gloves for the practice of motocross, enduro, are an ode to retro style. But make no mistake, just like the other equipment in the collection, they take advantage of the latest technologies for a perfect combination: functional, comfortable, stylish!

Pair of Racing Division motorcycle gloves.
Detail of silicone prints on Racing Division motorcycle gloves.

Synthetic suede reinforcements (thumb and palm), elastic fabric (between the fingers), silicone imprints (middle and index fingers), pre-shaped design offer effective protection, ease of use, better sensations and reduced fatigue.

Racing Division glove Velcro grip tab.

Cuff tabs ensure quick and easy donning. Closing and adjustment are ensured by a quality Velcro fastener. Available sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL.

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Trucker Racing Division cap

Between two fiercely contested rounds of motocross, it's nice to be able to take advantage of a moment of relaxation and carry out some technical checks on your bike. After sweating in the helmet, wearing a cap and sheltering from the sun is really nice.

Fuel Motorcycles Racing Division Trucker Cap.

100% cotton, the Trucker-style Racing Division cap (back in mesh fabric) contributes pleasantly to cooling the head and limits perspiration.

Back in polyester mesh fabric of the Racing Division cap.

Its 3D embroidery gives it a nice vintage touch and elegantly completes the entire collection.

3D embroidered Racing Division cap logo.

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Racing Division glasses

An essential accessory for off-road motorcycling, certified professional quality goggles fit on all helmets.

Very light and flexible, they have a side interior space allowing the wearing of glasses or sunglasses. The polyurethane frame offers excellent abrasion resistance to ensure good durability.

Racing Division Fuel Motorcycles mask.

The internal foam is multilayer with differentiated density (better absorption of humidity) and antiallergic. The 45 mm wide polyester strap is coated with silicone for a perfect grip. It has a double nylon buckle for quick adjustment.

Racing Division motocross goggle grip strap detail

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The Racing Division sweater

Whether in the early morning or in the evening while waiting for the cups to be awarded, or even during a walk, Fuel offers this very pretty sweater in the colors of the Racing Division range.

Pullover from the Fuel Motorcycles Racing Division collection.
Fuel Motorcycles Racing Division pullover back.

Available in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL and 3XL, this sweater is made with Recover™ yarns and guarantees superior durability.

With a rustic appearance, the fibers will smooth and soften over time, providing you with the most pleasant well-being and comfort.

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The Blackpines offer!

Do you like the Racing Division collection? For any order of the complete Racing Division collection (cap, gloves, jersey, glasses, pants and sweater) Blackpines offers you the pair of Racing Division gloves. offer: Racing Division gloves offered for the purchase of the complete Racing Division collection.

(Add all 6 products from the Racing Division collection to your basket to automatically activate the offer.)

Take advantage of free delivery from €70, secure payment, the possibility of paying in 2 or 3 installments free of charge with our partner ALMA, and up to 4 installments with Paypal.

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The other Fuel Motorcycles collections

Fuel Motorcycles, in addition to its new 2022 collection of Motocross and Enduro equipment, offers different collections available in our online store that we invite you to discover:

  • Rescue Collection;
  • Rally Raid Collection;
  • Gray Collection;
  • The Gringo Collection.

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rescue collection

The “Rescue collection” is a limited edition:

  • a rain jacket (inspired by the outfits of mid-20th century mountaineers), treated with a waterproof oil that can be worn over a jacket, jacket or stone guard;
Fuel Motorcycles Rescue Raincoat motorcycle rain jacket.
  • a hydration vest, inspired by World War II pilot jackets, (Peak Vest) in waterproof oiled cotton with a 3 L water reserve;
Fuel Motorcycles Peak Hydration Vest.
  • a Rescue mask with side spacer for glasses;
Fuel Motorcycles Rescue motocross goggle.
  • a Peak goggle, also with spacer for glasses or sunglasses.
Fuel Motorcycles Peak Motorcycle Goggle.

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rally raid collection

A collection directly inspired by the Paris-Dakar Rally.

  • white, blue Petrol or Marathon jackets in Cordura canvas, with Smooth Ways© CE level 2 protections (elbows, shoulders, back) and DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber panels;
White Rally Raid motorcycle jacket from Fuel Motorcycles.
Fuel Motorcycles Rally Raid petrol blue motorcycle jacket.
Rally Marathon motorcycle jacket from Fuel Motorcycles.
  • trousers (same design as jackets), with Smooth Ways© CE Level 2 protectors (hips, knees), DuPont™ Kevlar® inserts and lining, waterproof mid-layer;
White Rally Raid off-road motorcycle pants from Fuel Motorcycles.
Rally Marathon motorcycle pants from Fuel Motorcycles.
  • Summer gloves (leather, index and middle finger perforation), Rally Raid gloves (PVC protections, leather, nylon), Rally Raid Patch gloves (summer gloves, leather);
Fuel Motorcycles Rally Raid Summer motorcycle gloves.
Rally raid motorcycle gloves from Fuel Motorcycles.
Fuel Motorcycles Rally Raid Patch motorcycle gloves.
  • Rally Raid mask (multi-layer anti-fog treatment, side vents);
Fuel Motorcycles Rally Raid motocross goggle.
  • white hydration bag (600D polyester, 3 L reservoir).
Fuel Motorcycles Rally Raid Hydration Pack.

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El Gringo collection

Direct dive into the world of spaghetti westerns of the 70s! And the opportunity to experience an exceptional "El Gringo" ride on scramblers and customized motorcycles. 500 km of dusty roads, snow-capped mountains and rocky trails in the Tabernas desert .

  • long or short Duster El Paso jacket (oiled leather, 100% waterproof);
Fuel Motorcycles Duster El Paso Oiled Leather Long Jacket
Fuel Motorcycles Duster El Paso short oiled leather jacket.
  • Frontera gloves, inspired by the pioneers of the Wild West (yellow leather, robust).
Fuel Motorcyles Cow-Boy Frontera style yellow leather motorcycle gloves.

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Greasy collection

Denim in the spotlight for this collection inspired by the outfits of mine and railway workers or cowboys of the early 19th century.

  • 14 oz denim jacket mixed with single layer DuPont™ Kevlar® / Aramid. (Protections CE approved level 2 integrated in the elbows, shoulders and back);
Fuel Motorcycles Greasy Reinforced Denim Motorcycle Jacket.
  • greasy pants (similar design to jacket);
Fuel Motorcycles Reinforced Greasy Denim Pants.
  • selvedge pants (AA safety). Unique design for exceptional longevity. (Polyanswer premium hip and knee protectors, CE approved);
High quality selvedge Greasy motorcycle pants from Fuel Motorcycles.
  • tool bag handmade in Barcelona (high quality Japanese denim);
Fuel Motorcycles First Aid Kit Motorcycle Tool Kit.
  • leather wallet.
Fuel Motorcycles leather wallet.

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The Complete Fuel Motorcycles Catalog

You will find in the online store the different collections of Fuel Motorcycles as well as the Fuel 2022 novelties on Motocross and Enduro equipment.

However, while the Fuel collections group certain garments and accessories according to their characteristics, many other garments made to the highest standards and specifications, of vintage retro design, await you in our online catalog.

Boots, hats, caps, glasses, gloves, jackets, vests, short or long sleeve jerseys, pants, high quality, durable items, made in small quantities to make you stand out. In short, something to satisfy your curiosity and your desires. Check out all Fuel Motorcycles apparel.

What we can remember from the Fuel Motorcycle brand

In 10 years, Fuel Motorcyles has established itself worldwide as a leader in premium quality neo-retro motorcycle clothing. Fuel manufactures outfits known for their comfort, strength, durability and timeless vintage style.

Equipment marked with originality, respectful of the environment and made from the brand's own innovations, such as their new single-layer 3CORE fabric, which is lighter with high abrasion resistance.

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