Parts and Accessories for BMW R nineT

Pièces et accessoires moto de qualité pour BMW R nineT.

BMW Motorrad presents its R nineT versions as perfect supports to satisfy all vintage customization desires. And it clearly is! From the Heritage to the Scrambler, from the Urban G/S to the Pure A2, without forgetting the Racer, these motorcycles show real potential.

Catalog of exclusive parts for BMW R nineT

The Nine T is a particularly elegant old school style motorcycle, equipped with a powerful and generous Boxer engine. A refined roadster with classic lines, certainly, but equipped with cutting-edge technology made in BMW Motorrad : the perfect union between passion and innovation .

The German manufacturer clearly announces its desire to offer a motorcycle dedicated to customization . That said, all that remains is to determine the desired style and find the elements that will make your R nineT the unique model you were hoping for.

The quest for parts adapted to your model and year of production is far from easy. This is why, in order to help you as best as possible, we have selected talented manufacturers and craftsmen who produce high quality parts and accessories for the BMW R nineT.


BMW Motorrad: the 5 models of the R nineT series

The BMW Motorrad “Ninety” project was revealed in 2013, during the prestigious Villa d’Este Concours d’Elegance in Tivoli (Italy). Ninety, or 90 in the language of Molière, celebrates the 90th anniversary of the German brand on this occasion.

Since then, the famous Roadster from the Bavarian manufacturer has brilliantly charted its course and found its audience. It is marketed today in four versions (end of marketing in December 2020 for its Café racer version, the R nineT Racer).

BMW R nineT Heritage

BMW R nineT Heritage

Classically inspired, the R nineT benefits from the iconic 1,170 cc Boxer engine delivering a power of 109 hp (80 kW).

BMW R nineT Pure A2

BMW R nineT Pure A2

The R nineT accessible to the A2 license thanks to the Boxer engine modified to 95 hp (70 kW), which can therefore be limited to 47 hp.

BMW R nineT Scrambler

BMW R nineT Scrambler

Raised exhaust, the R nineT Scrambler is cut out for adventure, far from cities and asphalt. A neo-retro line that clearly appeals to riders looking for exploration.

BMW R nineT Urban G/S

BMW R nineT Urban G/S

Tribute to the BMW R 80 G/S (Gelände/Strasse - Off-road/road), queen of the Paris-Dakar rally. This all-terrain vehicle offers a very comfortable driving position and surprising off-road capabilities.

BMW R nineT Racer

BMW R nineT Racer

The classic roadster par excellence, carried by a vintage design and a driving position guaranteeing intense driving. The Café racer spirit par excellence.

BMW R nineT data sheet


4T twin-cylinder boxer




1,170 cm³


Hydraulically operated dry single disc

Secondary transmission



Reverse telescopic

Front brake

Dual 320mm discs, 4-piston fixed caliper

Rear brake

265mm single disc, twin-piston floating caliper

See the full technical sheet:

BMW Motorrad

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Discover premium parts manufacturers

Whether for the R nineT Scrambler, the Heritage, the Pure, the Racer or the Urban G/S, Blackpines ' priority is to sell parts produced in Europe by passionate specialists and craftsmen with recognized know-how. .

To satisfy you as best as possible and allow you to benefit from beautifully crafted parts and accessories, we have selected brands recognized for their reliability , the care taken in the design and finishing of BMW parts.

You will find in our online store a rigorous selection of premium quality products. To answer your quest for parts suitable for your motorcycle, we invite you to discover the superb creations for R9T from Italian, German, Danish and Spanish manufacturers:

  • Barracuda : founded in 2002, the products of the Italian brand Barracuda are based on an exclusive design and particular attention to finishing. The quality/price/design ratio is excellent.

  • Ex-motorcycle : since 1972, this other Italian manufacturer has been producing high-end parts for the BMW Motorrad brand.
Ex-Motorcycle exclusive parts manufacturer BMW.
  • LSL : founded in 1984, the know-how of the German manufacturer is nourished by its expertise in motorcycle competitions. TÜV certified, reliable and quality products.

  • Motogadget : another German manufacturer recognized worldwide for its innovative, high-tech and high-quality accessories.

  • Rebelmoto : founded in 2018, Rebelmoto is a Danish company specializing in high-end motorcycle parts. Functional products with a simple, clean design.
Rebelmoto cafe racer parts brand.
  • Shad : since 1992, the Spanish brand has created, produced and distributed worldwide. Rewarded in 2017 with the German Design Award trophy.

In order to facilitate your research and not drown you in thousands of references, our site primarily displays an assortment of articles chosen by our workshop.

If you are looking for a specific part, not present on, you just have to contact us . We work with the largest suppliers and we will satisfy your requests as soon as possible, at the best price.

Namely : our catalog of BMW parts is not limited to nine t only. In our shop you will find what you need for each of the series produced by BMW Motorrad.

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Our catalog of unique parts for BMW Motorrad

At, you will find everything you need to customize your R nineT according to your wishes. Switches, mirrors, meters, etc. Of course, fans of the Bavarian brand with the blue and white logo will benefit from our rich catalog of parts adapted to all series produced by BMW Motorrad.

BMW Motorrad wanted a motorcycle that met simple criteria specific to vintage style . The R nineT is a fabulous playground for motorcyclists wanting to personalize their two-wheeler in their image.

We invite you to discover some examples of superior quality parts that will enhance and individualize your R9T.

It's the little details that highlight the difference!

The traditional and artisanal know-how of these passionate manufacturers will make your motorcycle a unique design, just as you dreamed of it.

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How to customize the BMW R nineT?

The characterization of your motorcycle begins with the replacement or addition of accessories which will provide a real more aesthetic appearance , but also comfort of use or even optimization of performance .

The principle of any preparation stemming from a need for originality , note that for the majority of the pieces presented below, various finishes are offered to you. Do not hesitate to click on the photos to reach the product sheets and appreciate the existing versions.

Sit back comfortably and discover the Café racer parts and accessories, available on our site, which will allow you to best personalize your motorcycle.

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Optimize the lighting of your BMW

LED optical headlight for Café racer with daytime running light.

In addition to the importance of lighting to ensure the safety of the motorcyclist, the style of the headlight , its shape, its finish, lamp or LED, is an essential point of preparation. Full LED, directional, with integrated indicators, the diversity offered provides real possibilities for customization.

Whether it is for the rear light, the turn signals or the headlight, we invite you to browse our lighting department directly. You will find exceptional products from Highsider, Motogadget, Koso, Kellermann and other brands.

In accessories dedicated specifically to the R nineT we offer you here superb headlight supports, two wind screens and handcrafted grilles.

Motorcycle headlight brackets for R nineT

For example, these aluminum headlight brackets from LSL adapted to the R nineT, and more precisely to the 2014 to 2016 models, allow an internal or external offset of 20 mm if necessary:

Headlight brackets for BMW R nineT of the LSL brand.

See the motorcycle headlight support collection available in our shop.

R nineT windshield

Specially manufactured by Barracuda for the R nineT (2017-2020), the wind screen provides appreciable driving comfort on long journeys. Unique design by Barracuda; exists in Aerosport version (semi-transparent smoked plexiglass):

Aerosport windscreen for BMW R nineT from Barracuda.
or Classic (black or silver aluminum):
CLASSIC windshield, Barracuda brand, for BMW R nineT.

Headlight grilles for Scrambler and Urban G/S

Off-roading is the prerogative of all-terrain motorcycles such as the BMW nine T Scrambler and Urban G/S . Protecting the glass of your headlight is in fact essential, not to mention the aesthetic contribution which advantageously underlines the wild and sporty character of the motorcycle:

Extreme headlight grille Ex-Motorcycle brand for BMW R NineT.

Vertical or horizontal bars, these grille models handcrafted by Ex-Motorcycle, the Italian BMW parts specialist, for the R nineT clearly do the job. In stainless steel or aluminium, black or aluminum finish:

Protective grille for BMW R Nine T headlight.
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BMW logo: badges, covers and inserts

Following an advertisement published in 1929 for BMW aircraft engines, the association of the logo with a propeller became established until it became a myth . The meaning of the blue and white colors is, in reality, a reminder of the coat of arms of Bavaria, the cradle of the company.

That being said, the emblem of the German motorcycle brand is conducive to numerous finishes offered by Ex-Motorcycle depending on the model: black, full black, aluminum, sandblasted aluminum, satin, concept, diamond and many others.

BMW motorcycle tank badges

To personalize your R nineT, you will be spoiled for choice from the specialist of the genre, Ex-Motorcycle. Here are examples of CNC machined tank badges , made from anodized aluminum , fitting perfectly to the R nineT tank:

BMW motorcycle tank badge model ICON brand Ex-Motorcycle.
Tank badges for BMW K, R, R nineT series.
Tank badges and seat cowl badge BMW brand Ex-Motorcycle.
Concept II BMW tank badges brand Ex-Motorcycle.

(As a reminder, do not hesitate to click on the images to discover the other finishes, and, for certain models, the different compatible BMW series.)

BMW seat cowl badges

We recalled it at the beginning of this article, it is in the detail that the difference is made . This small saddle badge of only 27 mm x 3 mm , in anodized aluminum, is offered in 8 finishes . Each of them will look great on the saddle of your motorcycle and will personalize your R nineT remarkably:

Aluminum seat cowl badge for BMW R nineT brand Ex-Motorcycle.

Swinging arm axle covers

Another detail, but this time which cleverly combines aesthetics and practicality, the swingarm axle cover brings an additional elegant touch while preventing the accumulation of mud and dirt.

Made of anodized aluminium, three finishes to choose from, it is equipped with seals for quick and easy assembly:

Aluminum swingarm axle cover BMW R nineT brand Ex-Motorcycle.

BMW timing cover badge

Similar solution as previously, this 58 mm diameter anodized aluminum badge fills the empty space in the distribution cover of the BMW R nineT.

Don’t miss out on discovering the 9 finishes available to you on the product sheet:

Aluminum diamond badge for BMW R nineT timing cover.

Steering column nut inserts

Again, a nice personal touch to visually enhance the dashboard of your R nineT. This insert manufactured by Ex-Motorcycle certainly enhances the design of your BMW (delivered with two O-rings).

Available in 8 finishes , you will appreciate this aesthetic supplement on a daily basis:

Steering column nut insert for BMW brand Ex-Motorcycle.
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Motogadget counters and rev counters

Motogadget offers a version of its emblematic Motoscope Pro speedometer specially adapted to the BMW R nineT 2014, 2015 and 2016. Unique plug and play model , ABE approved, which has an ultra-thin case:

Motoscope Pro for BMW R nineT brand Motogadget.

Motoscope Pro R nineT computer support

Designed to easily install the Motoscope Pro , compatible with the original bolts, it is made of black anodized aluminum (thickness 3.5 mm):

Motogadget support for Motoscope Pro msp BMW R nineT speedometer.

Mo.Hub R ninet electronic box

For R nineT models from 2017, the German manufacturer Motogadget offers different kits , combining the Mo.Hub electronic box with the Motoscope Classic , Mini , Tiny, mst Speedster or even the Chronoclassic rev counter:

Electronic box Mo.Hub Kit BMW R nineT LIN Classic.
Mo.Hub kit to install Motoscope Mini speedometer on BMW R nineT.
Mo.Hub kit for BMW R nineT Motoscope Tiny Motogadget speedometer.
Mo.Hub kit for BMW R nineT with MST Speedster Motogadget speedometer.

The opportunity to take advantage of the many features offered by the free Mo.Ride Bluetooh application on the BMW.

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License plate holders and side plates for R nineT

Different models of license plate holders , universal or specifically designed for the R nineT, such as those offered by Barracuda are available in our online store.

Do not hesitate to consult our files to find out the compatible motorcycles and download the PDF of the installation instructions available to you:

Barracuda Classic license plate holder for BMW R nineT.

Ex-Motorcycle license plate support cover

To hide the original license plate holder and improve the aesthetics of your motorcycle, Ex-Motorcycle makes an aluminum holder available in white, black or aluminum. Perfect adaptation to the R nineT and support for turn signals :

License plate support cover for BMW R nineT brand Ex-Motorcycle.

High plate support

Always in the interest of aesthetics and personalization, the high license plate support , made in stainless steel by the trainer Ex-Motorcycle, elegantly underlines the retro side of the R nineT:

Ex-Motorcycle brand BMW R nineT high license plate support.

Side plate number holders

Do you want to accentuate the sporty side of your R nineT? Barracuda offers you its silver anodized aluminum supports for the Pure, Racer, Scrambler and Urban G/S models from 2017. Dial your numbers with the Barracuda self-adhesive numbers :

Barracuda side aluminum number support for BMW R nineT.

Another design, at Ex-Motorcycle, side plates in brushed aluminum (premium black or aluminum finishes). And to perfect an original and unique off-road look, equip yourself with the superb laser-cut numbers in 4 mm aluminum sheets. A thickness that creates an incomparable visual effect:

Side plate for BMW R nineT.
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Engine guards

Preserving the engine in the event of a fall, slip or off-road use remains a significant option. Even more so, if these protections bring a visual plus and a touch of originality to your motorcycle.

Crankcase guard

LSL steel crash bars are ABE certified. their curves and the quality of their finishes make them fit admirably into the R nineT. (Complete details of compatible models available on the product sheets.)

A real plus for security, especially since they offer an additional solution against theft to attach the motorcycle:

LSL engine guard for BMW R nineT.

engine protection shoe

In stainless steel, the Legend Line shoe (black or stainless steel), handcrafted by Ex-Motorcycle, protects the engine and the collectors. Tubular structure with double reinforcement and openings ensuring water drainage and allowing oil to be drained without having to dismantle the shoe:

Engine guard for BMW R nineT Legend line.

Another shoe design offered by Ex-Motorcycle, still with the same ease of installation:

Ex-Motorcycle engine guard for BMW R nineT.

oil radiator grille for R nineT

The radiator of the BMW R nineT is particularly exposed to splashes from the front wheel. These two Ex-Motorcycle grilles provide the necessary protection while significantly enriching the look of the machine:

Legend oil radiator grille for BMW.
Radiator grille BMW R nineT brand Ex-Motorcycle.
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Other customization possibilities

Fuel caps

Two very beautiful models presented as an example, the Monza model fuel cap (aluminum or black):

MONZA fuel cap for BMW R nineT.
MONZA fuel cap for BMW R nineT.

Or the one manufactured by the Italian preparer Ex-Motorcycle (also available in aluminum or black), benefiting from exceptional finishes and allowing the original locking system and watertightness of the R nineT to be retained .

(Note that this cap is compatible with other BMW series; see information on our product sheet.):

Ex-Motorcycle fuel cap for BMW.

BMW R nineT Pure front mudguard

For the BMW R nineT Pure, the German manufacturer LSL offers a magnificent front mudguard (ABE certification) in polished aluminum to be mounted on the original mounting points :

LSL front mudguard for BMW R nineT Pure.

Rebelmoto handlebar extensions and Motogadget adapters

To install accessories such as new mirrors , it may be interesting to mount them without the need to move other equipment (handles, levers, etc.).

Rebelmoto and Motogadget, in particular, offer different solutions adapted to the R nineT:

Rebelmoto M12 handlebar extension for BMW.
M12 CAP Motogadget adapter for Motorcycle mirror on BMW.

Paralever adjustment arm

In order to allow you to fine-tune the handling of the R nineT, the Paralever adjustment arm from Ex-Motorcycle is the ideal solution. Indeed, its micro-adjustment possibilities in 1.5 mm increments offer simple management of the stability and handling of the motorcycle:

Paralever adjustment arm for BMW brand Ex-Motorcycle.

Side stand extension

Modifications made to the BMW R nineT following customization may result in the motorcycle being raised . This may be the case when changing the suspension.

From an increase in height of 40 to 70 mm , the original side stand will no longer be long enough to ensure optimal stability of the R nineT. To prevent it from being too inclined and risking falling, Ex-Motorcycle has designed this easy-to-install kickstand extension:

Side stand extension for BMW R nineT.

Pilot and passenger footrests

Other accessories offered by Ex-Motorcycle, footrests with an original design, cut from a block of aluminium. Available in aluminum or black finish, their large knurled surface offers great comfort and effective grip (rain, mud):

Footpegs for BMW R nineT brand Ex-Motorcycle

Aluminum grip handles

The Ex-motorcycle or Motogadget aluminum grip handles, for the example photos, bring an undeniable cachet to the R nineT. Also discover our collection of soft handles :

Ex-Tower aluminum grip handles for BMW.
Motogadget brand Mo.Grip aluminum handles

Shad vintage saddlebags

Motorcycle luggage provides additional storage space while preserving personal effects. It is an opportunity for an individualized visual identity that perfectly suits a preparation.

Side bag attachment

Designed to be mounted on the right side of the R nineT, the Shad attachment fits all nine t models from 2013 to 2020. It is compatible with the SR38 and SL58 saddlebags presented below:

Shad attachment for SR side bags for BMW R nineT.

SR38 saddlebags

10 L vintage bag, the SR38 is perfectly waterproof and can be easily transported (padded shoulder strap):

Café Racer SHAD SR38 motorcycle saddlebag. SHAD SR38 transportable café racer saddlebag.

SL58 saddlebags

Made from 900D polyester for greater resistance, they offer numerous internal storage spaces for easy handling with motorcycle gloves. They are extendable and can easily accommodate XL size helmets:

Shad SL58 expandable saddlebags.

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Take advantage of the advice of a motorcycle trainer

You have just discovered examples of parts and accessories designed expressly for the BMW R nineT , through some brands recognized worldwide for their know-how and the excellence of their products.

Do not miss to consult the data sheets of these products. They contain all the information about their specificity and their compatibility according to the models, if necessary.

The objective was not to present our entire catalog to you in this article, but to offer you various customization solutions .

You will find at other references adapted to your BMW , as well as, of course, many universal Café racer parts.

Because customizing your R nineT is above all a story of enthusiasts, at Blackpines you are at the heart of everything that directly or indirectly relates to the different styles of Café racer .

Preparer ourselves, we know how to listen to advise and help you:

  • the part you are looking for is not present in our online store?
  • you have a doubt about the compatibility with your motorcycle?
  • Are you wondering about the feasibility of your project?

Contact us , we are at your service.

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Bonus: biker equipment

In motorcycle preparation, the objective of the transformations made is to have fun and to pilot a machine like no other . But, acting on the comfort, aesthetics and safety of your motorcycle also applies to the rider.

Take advantage of our offer of vintage motorcycle clothing, reinforced motorcycle jackets or pants (Kevlar, CE protection), waxed, canvas, denim, but also gloves, masks, jersey boots and many other robust accessories.

Discover Fuel Motorcycles , the specialist in premium motorcycle equipment.

Fuel Motorcycles motorcycle clothing collection.
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