Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor: the Top of the Range Plug and Play Kit

Kit haut de gamme plug & play pour Royal Enfield Interceptor, marque Blackpines.

How to prepare the Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor for less than €2,000?

The Interceptor 650, how can you resist it? Reliable and economical, the new twin of this old school motorcycle is perfectly equipped for your daily journeys and your leisure activities. An accessible (less than €7,000 to purchase) and robust 650 that combines driving pleasure and safety .

Royal Enfield is undeniably a legendary brand in the motorcycling world. Their different models have become legendary. The Interceptor 650 is a motorcycle with a neo-retro look that is particularly appreciated and acclaimed in the Café Racer universe.

And who says Café racer says prep! The Royal Enfield Interceptor clearly offers great potential. Because embarking on a preparation is not always easy for everyone, we wanted to offer an easy preparation to make yourself .

royal enfield interceptor bpcr

If you want to know right away the contents of the kit and the price of the different parts, find a summary table at the end of this file.

Our specifications were simple: allow you to transform the Interceptor into a Bratstyle version with a neat aesthetic , imprint of elegance , integrating top-of-the-range equipment , for less than 2,000 € .

Goal achieved ! Discover how to prepare the Royal Enfield Interceptor easily for 1990 € with a selection of premium parts.

A simple solution: the Bratstyle Interceptor DIY Kit

kit royal enfield interceptor blackpines cafe racer
royal enfield interceptor bpcr

The BPCR (Blackpines Café Racer) kit is made up of parts and accessories selected by our workshop . Each element is easily installed on the Interceptor without the need to make modifications requiring special technical skills.

Forget about the hassle of ordering parts that don't fit your machine. Specialists in Café Racer preparation, we have chosen products of excellence, from recognized brands such as Motogadget, Highsider, Daytona, etc.

To offer you the possibility of further personalizing your motorcycle, we have integrated two of our latest creations into this kit:

  • our original high-end BPCR saddle in imitation Alcantara;
  • our BPCR mudguard and taillight kit.

Parts and accessories making up the BPCR Interceptor Kit

To give the Royal Enfield Interceptor the expected touch of elegance, it was necessary to take particular care in the selection of parts and accessories. Here is an overview of the bike to allow you to appreciate the different elements that make up our kit.

Changes to the front of the Royal Enfield

blackpines cafe racer interceptor

22mm Tracker Handlebar

For the front part of the bike, our desire was to keep a sleek style while providing additional riding comfort. We opted for a 22 mm handlebar 80 cm wide and 13 cm high. This universal model, Tracker style, allows the pilot to adopt a higher, straighter, more natural and therefore less tiring position. A most appreciable comfort for better driving sensations.

The aesthetic finalization of the ends of the handlebars is ensured by the "Curve" handlebar ends of the Highsider brand

Speedometer Daytona Velona W

Speedometer and Tachometer Velona W Daytona

Always with the same desire to purify the Interceptor, the speedometer and rev counter fitted as standard have been replaced by a single measuring instrument, the Velona W from Daytona . The very complete Velona W speedometer displays both speed and rev counter. Its minimalist dimensions (Ø 80 mm, H 51 mm) advantageously replace the imposing original double counters. It is firmly fixed on the handlebars by a support of the Highsider brand.

meter daytona w royal enfield

Motogadget aluminum grips, Highsider mirrors, “Curve” end caps

Motogadget Mo.Grip aluminum gripsHighsider Conero 2 mirrors.Highsider Curve Bar EndsMirror, bar ends and aluminum handles on Interceptor BPCR.

The Mo.Grip Alu handles, from the German manufacturer Motogadget, bring the necessary touch of elegance to complete the BPCR kit. Machined from a block of aluminium, in addition to their design which leaves no one indifferent, they surprise with the comfort felt and the pleasant sensation to the touch.

It is also on the side of Germany that our choice fell for the mirrors. The Conero 2 from Highsider is an E4 approved bar end mirror made of premium quality black anodized aluminum (fixed with the "Curve" bar ends of the same brand). Its remarkable design and the care taken in its finishes combine perfectly with the BPCR Interceptor kit.

motogadget aluminum motorcycle grips

Front lighting: optics and indicators

Highsider Voyage 7 inch LED optic Highsider Travel LED optic on Interceptor BPCR.

The "look" of the motorcycle requires special care. For our BPCR kit, the choice once again fell on the Highsider brand for the quality and design of their 7” “ Voyage ” LED optics. A plug and play headlight installed in the original Interceptor housing .

The high beam, dipped beam and parking lights of this headlight develop extremely bright symmetrical lighting. The original fixings have been replaced by a model of CNC machined aluminum headlight brackets (high resistance black epoxy paint) adjustable in depth and having a location for indicators.

Motogadget Mo.Blaze pin turn signalsMotogadget Mo.Blaze pin indicators on Interceptor BPCR

To meet the criteria of minimalism, performance and design, we opted for the amazing indicators manufactured by Motogadget. The size of a coin, the Mo.Blaze Pin only reveals itself when activated.

Motogadget IntensiLED ® technology provides crystal-clear 360° brightness. A discreet little gem, perfectly meeting our quality and performance requirements.

highsider headlight and turn signals motogadget royal enfield

C.Racer Radiator Grille

C. Racer Radiator GrilleBlack C. Racer radiator grille on Interceptor BPCR.

To affirm the look of the bike, the Interceptor's radiator grille was replaced by a model manufactured by C.Racer. It is simply screwed in place of the original one and brings an undeniable aesthetic advantage to the motorcycle.

Changes to the rear

Changes to the rear of the Royal Enfield Interceptor.

BPCR saddle imitation Alcantara in Plug and Play for the Interceptor

BPCR Alcantara saddle for interceptorBPCR Alcantara saddle for Royal Enfield interceptor

If the Royal Enfield Interceptor BPCR caught the attention of visitors during the Aces Experience, our high-end imitation Alcantara saddle, made by a saddler craftsman, met with great success.

Flexible, resistant, efficient and very pleasant to the touch, Alcantara is very popular with car manufacturers, whether for luxury vehicles or bucket seats used in particular in racing cars.

The unique design of its seams and its soft, silky texture enhance the original and elegant character of the motorcycle.

The high-end imitation Alcantara selected for this saddle also offers two important advantages :

  1. a fast drying speed , equal to any other saddle;
  2. superior support to classic saddles, the Alcantara material prevents slipping . A really appreciable plus for the pilot and especially for his or her passenger!

An elegance that conceals high-quality seating comfort guaranteed by a double layer of foam: a Bultex foam and a dense foam to ensure optimal back support and real comfort in everyday use.

100% waterproof , the foams are perfectly insulated, wrapped in a waterproof plastic film.

Note : to prevent any risk of tearing, the stainless steel staples are placed on an adhesive strip sewn to the cover.

BPCR kit rear fender + light, new Motogadget indicators

BPCR mudguard and rear light kit.BPCR mudguard and rear light kit for Interceptor 650 Royal Enfield.

In order to give volume to the rear wheel, which was originally a bit narrow, we opted for this mudguard made from premium aluminium. It covers the wheel of the Interceptor while providing more character.

We have created our own license plate light and indicator bracket. A unique model, benefiting from a laser cut and painted in epoxy , which simply attaches to the original light support of the Interceptor.

Motogadget Mo.Tens 1 Turn SignalsMotogadget Mo.Tens 1 indicators on Interceptor 650 Royal Enfield BPCR.

Switched off, the Mo.Blaze Tens 1 indicators are practically invisible, but beware, once activated, the surprise is total! the flashing, extremely bright, is perfectly visible from afar, even in direct sunlight. Approved , the Mo. Blaze Tens 1 benefit from IntensiLED® technology for optimal clarity and safety.

royal enfield interceptor rear fender kit

Plug & play YSS suspensions on the Interceptor

YSS RE-MO-302 Full Black YSS suspensions YSS RE-MO-302 Full Black suspensions with white springs on Interceptor 650 BPCR.

The YSS RE-MO-302-T shock absorbers ( TÜV certification ) are plug and play on the Royal Enfield Interceptor. They provide additional comfort and more efficient handling, especially on roads “marked by time”. We also appreciate the fact that they allow adjustment thanks to a simple and accessible adjustment of the preload .

For our model, we opted for white springs as a reminder of the tank. Indeed, if the RE-MO-302-T has black springs as standard, several color choices are available, an ideal option to best adapt to your project.

Megaphone exhaust

Chrome Megaphone ExhaustMegaphone Chrome exhaust on Interceptor 650 BPCR.

The tour of the bike done, remains a little pleasure to do, switch on the ignition and start the Interceptor which is just waiting to express itself. Admittedly, the Brazoline Megaphone silencers are not approved but what a sound! Powerful without being aggressive, they purr like they should, well… just the way we like them.

How to modify Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 to Brat? 3 answers

  1. Assemble the kit yourself : easily done, you just need to order either the entire Kit, as detailed below, or only the parts and accessories you want. Note that it is quite possible, if you wish, to replace certain elements of the kit with others of your choice. Contact us and submit your request, we will make the desired replacement(s).
  1. We are taking care of it ! You have a Royal Enfield Interceptor but you prefer to go through a professional to transform it. Join our team and let's arrange a meeting. We will install the BPCR Bratstyle kit either completely or modified according to your wishes.
  1. Create together your kit of adapted parts : on your request, we can create a kit of completely personalized parts. All you have to do is get in touch with our team to tell us about your project.
650 twin bpcr blackpines cafe racer

The BPCR Interceptor KIT in detail

List of front accessories Price
Motogadget Mo.Blaze pin turn signals (€39 x 2) 78 €
Speedometer/tachometer Daytona Velona W €229.95
Highsider Curve Bar Ends €24.95
C. Racer Black Radiator Grille 80 €
Tracker aluminum handlebar 49 €
Highsider Voyage 7 inch LED optic €299.95
CNC aluminum headlight bracket 59 €
Motogadget Mo.Grip aluminum grips 139 €
Highsider Conero 2 mirrors (€59.95 x 2) €119.90
Barracuda saddles €69.90
Support Highsider meter €14.95
List of rear accessories Price
Motogadget Mo.Tens 1 turn signals (59 € x 2) 118 €
Chrome Megaphone Exhaust (€99 x 2) 198 €
BPCR mudguard kit for 650 Interceptor or Continental GT polished aluminum with rear light and indicator brackets 290 €
BPCR Alcantara saddle for interceptor 550 €
YSS RE-MO-302 Full Black suspensions with white springs 299 €

Order your Interceptor BPCR kit

Find in detail the sheet of the BPCR Interceptor Kit available now in our online store. Our team is at your disposal to advise and inform you: our contact form .

Royal Enfield BPCR Interceptor prepared by Blackpines

Royal Enfield BPCR Interceptor prepared by Blackpines
Royal Enfield BPCR Interceptor prepared by Blackpines
Royal Enfield BPCR Interceptor prepared by Blackpines
Royal Enfield BPCR Interceptor prepared by

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