Maitre-cylindre embrayage radial STANDARD CRO Beringer.
Maitre-cylindre embrayage radial STANDARD CRO Beringer.
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STANDARD CRO radial clutch master cylinder | Beringer

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Beringer brand.

Discover the clutch control revolution thanks to Beringer 's excellent hydraulic master cylinders with integrated reservoir. Engineered for exceptional performance, they give you precise control and a superior driving experience.

Compact and light, they are perfectly adapted to be used in Supermotard, Enduro, Moto Cross, Road and Sports. Easy to position under the hand guards, the "CRO" radial clutch master cylinders of the STANDARD range are easily adjustable.

Technical characteristics of CRO master cylinders

  • range : STANDARD;
  • made in France ;
  • built-in tank ;
  • brake fluid: use DOT 4;
  • models :
    • CRO8 (piston Ø 12.7 mm) for KTM (>2017), Husqvarna and TM motorcycles;
    • CRO9 (piston Ø 14.5 mm) for single cylinder motorcycle;
    • CRO12 (piston Ø 17.5 mm) for medium and large displacement multi-cylinder motorcycles;
    • CRO14 (piston Ø 20.6 mm) for large displacement multi-cylinder motorcycle;
    • CROH12 (for 1" handlebars);
    • CROH14 (for 1" handlebar);
  • weight : about 330g;
  • lever : MLE2 (14cm);
  • 12 colors to choose from.
Beringer color chart. official distributor of the Beringer brand

The lever supplied by default with the Standard CRO radial clutch master cylinder is the radial MLE2 lever (14 cm). It comes in the same color as the one chosen for the master cylinder. It is entirely possible to have a master cylinder in one color and the lever in another . All you have to do is submit your choices to us.

Would you like another model of Beringer radial clutch lever ? Thank you for indicating it to us, as well as the chosen color.

You only want the master cylinder : (prices without lever: 480 € (9 colors) / 516 € (Hard Nickel or Polished) / 570 € (Chrome) .

Please inform us of your preferences before placing an order: contact us .

Premium quality master cylinder

  • Advanced Hydraulic Technology: Enjoy smooth, responsive clutch control with advanced hydraulic technology.
  • Convenient Integrated Reservoir: The integrated reservoir eliminates leaks and simplifies installation, ensuring a clean aesthetic.
  • Custom Tuning: Easily adjust clutch sensitivity and position for optimal comfort.
  • Exceptional Reliability: Engineered for rock-solid durability, these master cylinders will be with you for the long haul.
  • Tailor-made performance: enjoy perfect grip, increased responsiveness and unparalleled control of your bike.

Mastery of control

With the Beringer Brakes line of hydraulic clutch master cylinders, you have the power to control every aspect of your ride. Hydraulic technology ensures a smooth transition between gears, giving you a smooth and enjoyable driving experience.

Functional and elegant design

The built-in reservoir eliminates the hassle of leaks and external reservoirs. This clever design combines functionality with aesthetics, enhancing your motorcycle's appearance while maximizing performance.

Take advantage of the choice of 12 colors to customize your master cylinder to your liking.

Tuning to your style

Each pilot is unique. Beringer hydraulic master cylinders give you the flexibility to tune the clutch sensitivity to your preference. Customize your driving experience for optimal comfort.

Built for performance

Engineered with quality engineering, Beringer master cylinders deliver reliable, consistent performance. Whether on the track, terrain or on the road, you can count on their robustness.

Dominate the road

Thanks to these hydraulic master cylinders with integrated reservoir, you have total control of your motorcycle. Enjoy a smoother, more responsive and more powerful driving experience.

Summary table of the different Beringer master cylinders

Beringer Clutch Brake
Standard Range

Radial master cylinders with integrated reservoir CRO BRO
Radial master cylinders with separate reservoir RC BR
Classic range

Axial master cylinders with integrated reservoir CAD BAO
Axial master cylinders with screw-on reservoir BECAUSE BAR
Axial master cylinders with separate reservoir THAT BA
Racing range

Axial master cylinders with separate reservoir CARR BAR