How to transform your motorcycle into a Scrambler and at what price?

Découvrez comment transformer une moto en Scrambler.

You want to modify your motorcycle into a scrambler but you don't know exactly where to start or what budget you should plan for. You have taken the first step, namely choosing and buying the motorcycle that will serve as the basis for your project.

Placed on the motorcycle lift, it now sits proudly in the middle of your workshop. All you have to do is roll up your sleeves and get to work. The Blackpines workshop advises you and gives you the procedure to follow, step by step to know how to transform your motorcycle into a scrambler and at what price .

What modifications to make to transform your motorcycle into a Scrambler?

Everything will depend on the motorcycle chosen (read our article on this subject: Which base, which displacement to choose for a scrambler? ) , the project and the planned budget. Indeed, the amount of the transformation will mainly come from the equipment you select.

As a seller of motorcycle parts and specialized accessories for Café Racer , we will take as a reference point the articles of our online store. From first prizes to branded products, we have taken care to select quality accessories that are suitable for all budgets.

A scrambler that looks good is a scrambler that goes straight to the point. To continue the road where the classic road will stop, it is necessary to apply to lighten the motorcycle and to mount tires which hang. And, just to have fun, revamp your bike to give it a wild je ne sais quoi and a strong character with:

  • a raised exhaust (if technically possible);
  • a suspension adapted to the constraints of off-road traffic (rear shock absorbers and front fork);
  • a flat scrambler saddle with buckle (or without, depending);
  • a new straighter, wider handlebar;
  • styling and lightening work on accessories (lights, mudguards, etc.);
  • a front headlight grille;
  • counter, tachometer more discreet than the original ones;
  • all-terrain or mixed tires depending on use;
  • spoke rims;
  • indicators and LED lighting for better resistance to vibrations.

For the front part of the motorcycle, the protective grille placed on the headlight is a characteristic of scramblers. Beyond the undeniable aesthetic side, it will be useful to protect the optics from flying stones or accidental encounters with branches. It will perfectly complement the raised or even removed front fender .

On the cockpit side, the installation of a brand new vintage counter , but benefiting from the latest technologies, will provide additional comfort. Turn signals and mirrors more design, soft or aluminum handles , you have only the embarrassment of the choice.

A scrambler must be equipped with a saddle worthy of the name: it is one of the centerpieces of your preparation! You can also take advantage of it and also change the tank for further customization. A shorter rear mudguard and, why not, a luggage rack, always useful for those who enjoy long rides.

Because you plan to drive on surfaces other than national or departmental ones, an engine guard and a radiator grille will perfectly combine both design and protection. Another touch, like the one done in our preparation example on a Suzuki Inazuma , would be to repaint the frame, rims and swingarms in Epoxy paint for better resistance.

Steps in the workshop: dismantling the base and reassembling the scrambler

scrambler motorcycle preparation

Making a scrambler, modifying a motorcycle, takes time. This is why it is important to provide a well-lit , ventilated workshop in which you can move around without being forced to contort yourself in all directions.

Once your workshop is optimized and your bike is installed and stabilized, here are the steps to follow to carry out an in-depth work. (To be adapted according to the condition of the motorcycle and the modifications envisaged):

  • completely dismantle the motorcycle;
  • cut the rear loop to weld a loop adapted to the new saddle;
  • sand or sand the frame then paint;
  • clean and check the dismantled parts:
    • engine : cleaning (including carburettor); change the gaskets if necessary (carburettor, base, cylinder head);
    • wiring harness : check that it is working correctly and why not take the opportunity to simplify and improve it. (Read our article on this subject: How to Redo the Wiring Harness of your Café Racer? );
    • cycle part : front fork to be changed if necessary or drained with an oil of a higher index; repaint, or not, the swingarm; modify the wheels (diameters and tires).
  • then reassemble the fork, then the swingarm and the rear wheel;
  • reinstall the engine and the new exhaust line;
  • lay the electrical harness.

By working every day without counting his hours, the completion of these tasks could be done in four or five weeks. But as it is not given to everyone to devote as much time to their passion, it is a question of being reasonable. The idea is to take your time and apply yourself to get the best result. Also, plan rather to stagger your work over several months, the result will be all the more successful.

What budget should I plan for a Scrambler preparation?

Two solutions are available to you to modify your motorcycle. The first will lead you to a motorcycle preparer and the second, much less expensive and richer in personal satisfaction, will be to make the modifications yourself .

Either way, you're about to turn your bike into a one-of-a-kind scrambler. And because it will look like no other, its budget will, in fact, be just as different. The choice of technical modifications made, the aesthetics of the motorcycle, the accessories and the parts purchased are specific to each project.

The price of your preparation will therefore depend on the amount you are willing to invest. To help you see more clearly, here is the information you need to know about the two proposed solutions, plus a third possible possibility:

  1. Go through a scrambler motorcycle tuner : know that the total price, used motorcycle included, will roughly amount to that of a scrambler bought new (with a ladle, €12,000). The difference being that your scrambler will be unique since it has been studied in detail by you and following the advice of your trainer. Depending on the condition of the motorcycle and the preparation desired, the following different stages, as a reminder, will take place on average over a period of two to three months:
    • disassembly ;
    • sandblasting and painting (frame, engine, tank);
    • control of the different parts;
    • verification of the electrical harness;
    • reassembly.
  1. Carrying out your motorcycle preparation yourself : this is the least expensive solution and without a doubt the most rewarding. The budget will mainly depend on the purchase price of the motorcycle (from a 125 scrambler to a higher displacement the price will change accordingly) and its general condition. For those who are not afraid of motorcycle mechanics , you will therefore save the very significant cost of many hours of labor and you will finalize your scrambler motorcycle at your own pace: painting, renewal of accessories and equipment as a motorcycle tachometer, LED optics, sculpted tires with nipples etc.
  1. Buy a cheap second-hand scrambler : you will easily find many scramblers for sale on sales sites like Le Bon Coin. This solution is interesting for those who do not wish to embark on technical modifications outside their skills. It is then enough, if necessary, to bring its personal touch by replacing some accessories.

Depending on the planned motorcycle preparation, the non-motorcycle budget will be several hundred euros to €1,500, €2,000 and more depending on the accessories selected. Without going through a preparer, the amount to be provided therefore essentially corresponds to the accessories and parts that you will install.

Also estimate the cost of the equipment needed for your workshop. You will find on this subject, in our article What are the basic tools to make a Café Racer? many tips from our workshop.

This tailor-made work that you will have thought of, studied, will materialize after a few weeks (for slight modifications) or months depending on your pace.

Namely : this investment will increase the value of your motorcycle and allow you to return to a minimum in your resale costs.

motorcycle scrambler

Accessories, parts and tips for your scrambler

Armed with these tips, all you have to do is take action. Do not deprive yourself of carrying out your project . Adapt it according to your means, your knowledge of mechanics. The Internet is full of tutorials and forums where you will find lots of advice and answers to your questions.

You are here at a specialist in the Café racer universe. Also, take advantage of our experience , the advice of our workshop and our online store to go after your dream. Do not hesitate to contact us , the Blackpines team is here to support you.

Key points to remember

  • a scrambler is a motorcycle modified for possible off-road use;
  • depending on the scope of the work, the preparation will last several weeks to several months;
  • going through a preparer will cost you the price of a new motorcycle;
  • to reduce the budget, many steps can be done yourself.


  • Nicolas Geoffroy

    Je suis un projet de modification d’une harley Street rod en prépa scrambler (à voir déjà si ce choix de moto conviendrait). Objectif de la 1ere étape souhaitée modifier l’arrière en le raccourçissant, changement de selle pour une bi place, modification de la ligne d’échappement par une ligne haute, remplacement des pneus). Sur cette base d’info est-il possible d’avoir une idée de budget approximatif?

  • herve morisot

    je possède un 1200 bandit de 2005
    je voudrais le transformer par un professionnelle cadre peinture fourche garde boue selle etc
    pouvez vous me communiquer une adresse

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