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The Berlin manufacturer Motogadget has become a reference in terms of technological innovations and design for Café Racer motorcycles . The quality of their accessories is well established. Meters, mirrors, indicators… all their products benefit from top-of-the-range know-how recognized by motorcycle tuners. Motorcycle accessories that will satisfy the most demanding. Discover without delay Motogadget: the complete range at Blackpines .

Motogadget, a guarantee of quality and innovation

The reputation of the German brand Motogadget is well established. For many years, it has been manufacturing instruments, innovative accessories and high-performance electrical equipment for both amateurs and enthusiasts of motorcycle customization. All of their products are developed and tested in Berlin . They are subject to strict controls and benefit from an irreproachable design. The choice of materials used and the care taken in their finishing are at the origin of the growing success of this manufacturer.

A quality confirmed by Blackpines during tests carried out in our workshop. We invite you to discover without delay the superb collection motogadget cafe racer accessories .

Choose motorcycle accessories adapted to Café racers


Your project to transform your motorcycle is in progress? Do you want to get into customization , make your motorcycle unique? Blackpines advises you and offers you the best accessories and spare parts on the market. Here, in a few lines, is a quick overview of the Motogadget range , available now in our catalog.

Install state-of-the-art motorcycle speedometers


Motogadget speedometers set the tone, resisting them will be difficult! Both beautiful and powerful, they are equipped with advanced technologies and complete display solutions. From the discreet MST VINTAGE and SPEEDSTER with a retro look, to the MOTOSCOPE PRO , the latest generation of digital counter equipped with 734 LEDs managed by microprocessors, through the CHRONOCLASSIC 80 mm in diameter and its many functions, there will be something for everyone!

Are you looking for a mini motorcycle speedometer ? The motoscope tiny , a 49 mm black and white analog speedometer or even the motoscope mini and its aluminum case with black anodized or mirror polished surface are perfectly suited to modern, oldies or Café Racer machines.

Equip mirrors with polished alloy mirrors


Have you fallen for a counter? Do not panic, nothing more normal! But you are not at the end of your surprises. Now let's talk about mirrors , safety and technological innovations.

Caution ! Exclusive to Motogadget: the M-VIEW motorcycle mirror . Models with an incomparable design, of great beauty. But the real achievement lies in their unique design.

The M-VIEW are equipped with a surface of patented mirrors, directly worked in the metal of the bodywork. Aluminum is the mirror surface. Gone are the days of broken glass. Lightweight, they are resistant to oxidation, corrosion and scratches, they can be mounted above or below your handlebars. The hardest part will probably be choosing the model.

Fit latest generation motorcycle turn signals


Discretion and efficiency are the key words that best describe Motogadget's motorcycle indicators . TranzLight technology provides safety and visibility with lights emitted at angles ranging from 180° for the M-BLAZE ICE and up to 360° for the M-BLAZE CONE .

The turn signal 's transparent body becomes the light source itself giving powerful crystal-like illumination. If you want tiny indicators without losing performance, the M-BLAZE PIN will fully satisfy you.

Managing the wiring harness with M-Unit Basic and M-Unit Blue


Equipping your motorcycle with a new speedometer, changing your indicators, among other things, will require working on the electrical connections. In general, whether you want to prepare a recent or old motorcycle, there is an accessory that will quickly become essential, the M-UNIT : a compendium of essential technology to simplify the wiring harness of motorcycles and in particular Café Racers . (Read about this in our detailed article on electrical harnesses: How to Redo the Electrical Harness of your Café Racer? ) .

Motorcycle owners with a few kilometers on the clock are well aware of the benefits of simplifying the wiring harness and many are those who benefit from the advantages of the M-Unit electronic box. All that remains is to opt for the standard version m unit basic or the Bluetooth version the M- unit blue allowing control via your smartphone.

Discover many other Motogadget surprises

Because it is important to keep some on hand, do not hesitate to consult our catalog to discover all the accessories offered by Blackpines . You will find complete technical descriptions there. This will be an opportunity to identify other reference products of the brand such as adapters for Harley Davidson , a contactless digital ignition lock, the M-LOCK , a tire pressure monitoring system, the M- PRESSURE ...

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