Café Racer, Scrambler or Tracker, which preparation to choose?

Conseils pour choisir entre une prépa Café racer, Scrambler ou Tracker.

Do you love vintage motorcycles with a neo-retro style? Do you want to start a prep but you don't know which style to choose? Café Racer , Scrambler or Tracker , the choice is wide. Blackpines Café Racer gives you some guidelines to help you define the style of motorcycle that will fit your personality and your project.

Café Racer: the vintage spirit

The term Café Racer appeared in England in the 1960s among young "rocker" bikers in rebellion against the established power. Their challenge, to go back and forth from one cafe and pass another before the jukebox song, launched when they left, is over. They then customized and lightened their motorcycles so that they could make these round trips as quickly as possible. All unnecessary comfort parts were then removed in favor of a sleek look and the engines prepared to gain power. A Café Racer is therefore a light and refined motorcycle. Its main elements are: a single-seater shell saddle , bracelets, rear controls for a sporty position, a round headlight with or without fork fairing and little fairing. Today, speed is no longer really sought after. It's about customizing your bike by putting your paw on it. Owning a unique motorcycle, personalized with a rock look and a vintage soul, this is what the Café Racer spirit is all about.

For who ? For purists of this new generation of prepared motorcycles who are not looking for comfort and speed, but the simplicity and style of a vintage sports car brought up to date.

cafe racer picture

Scrambler: a wind of freedom

The Scrambler was also born in the 60s in the United States from a deep desire for freedom and escape among young bikers of the time. They then wish to get off the beaten track, leave the asphalt for mud paths, fields of tall grass, the desert... This is where this movement takes its name since in English "to scramble" means "to go out painfully ". The machines are then modified to become hybrids, all-terrain vehicles as efficient on the road as on the ground. The goal: to take the shortest route whatever the path taken!
One of the peculiarities of a Scrambler is in the position of the exhausts , higher, which allow it to pass easily in the rough roads and the muddy ruts. It is fitted with a high handlebar for a straight position, studded tires, a headlight equipped with a protective grille and a flat saddle .

For who ? For unconventional riders who want to break the mold and not conform to one style of riding. Although the Scramblers are no longer necessarily intended for muddy roads, their aggressive style and their studded tires are very attractive.

image scrambler

Tracker: a slim and refined style

Lighter than a Café Racer, but not as muscular as a Scrambler, the Tracker also known as the Street-Tracker has a rich history dating back to the 1930s. Trackers refer to American racing on dirt tracks named Dirt Track. The pilots, passionate about their motorcycles, decided to transform them to drive them on the road in the street, hence the name Street-Tracker. So they added headlights , mirrors , a horn and a front brake which they completely lacked. The Tracker style is minimalist and clean. It is inspired by these racing motorcycles of the time which generally consist of a small tank , a wide handlebar and curved towards the pilot, large spoked rims, a number plate as a head fork and finally a very thin single-seat hull saddle as evidenced by the famous Harley-Davidson XR750.

For who ? For lovers of single or torquey twin cylinders in a straight position with very fine and clean lines who will be seduced by its simplicity and its little drift racing motorcycle side with these number plates.

picture tracker

These are therefore three very different styles. Follow your instincts, your tastes and your personality to create your bike and your style! The world of the Café Racer is above all a “state of mind” in which everything is possible and for all budgets. You will find on products and pieces adapted to all styles. So, ready to embark on the Café Racer adventure?

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  • Odin Rider

    J’ai 62 ans, motard depuis 76 ( au siècle dernier) je possède un honda X11 de 2000, bécane que je vais faire évoluer vers quelque chose qui ressemblerait à un scrambler mais avec des aptitudes de baroudeuse routière. Le tout avec un budget de modeste retraité à faire évoluer durant les 10 prochaines années, lentement mais sûrement…

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