Café Racer: 5 reasons to take the plunge

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Café Racer: 5 reasons to take the plunge

Are you tempted by the idea of ​​transforming a motorcycle into a Café Racer , but are you constantly postponing this project ? It is, in fact, important to take the time to think about your motorcycle preparation both in terms of base and style . Each transformation is unique and requires some preparation as well as the right motorcycle parts . However, nothing is impossible or inaccessible. This passion for transformed motorcycles is within everyone's reach and is not reserved for a single category of motorcyclists . In order to enlighten you, we have chosen to give you 5 reasons that will allow you to dare to take the step of the Café Racer to finally ride on a unique motorcycle , yours .

1. A Café Racer is timeless

Opting for a Café Racer is above all choosing a motorcycle with a timeless and timeless style. A Café Racer is today a motorcycle with a neo-retro look that you can customize according to your desires. The most suitable motorcycle bases are generally those of the 70s to 90s, and these machines of previous generations have nothing to envy to the two-wheelers of today. Tracker , Scrambler , Chopper , Bobber , many styles of preparation are available to you to take the step of the Café Racer .

Making a Café Racer is also a way of refusing the teachings of current consumerism and the impatience that can result from it. Bringing a machine back to life requires a good dose of passion, patience and perseverance. However, nothing prevents you from turning to a professional trainer if you need support in your transformation project. Because yes, a Café Racer has to be earned! It's a real tailor-made project that we imagine, draw, think about for weeks and finally come to life.

The Café Racer is therefore particularly suitable for motorcyclists passionate about beautiful mechanics in search of authenticity, but also for all people wishing to tread the asphalt on a different motorcycle.

2. A motorcycle preparation is a good investment

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Building a Café Racer is also an excellent investment if the preparation is careful. You should know that a new motorcycle generally loses 50% of its value in just 5 years. On the other hand, if you buy a motorcycle that is 30 or 40 years old and you transform it into a Café Racer or restore it, then it will not discount. Better, it can even increase in value because in many cases, you can resell it at a higher cost than the initial investment (parts included). After a crush, some bikers buy motorcycles already prepared, which has the advantage of avoiding the sometimes long delays that can take to prepare a motorcycle.

Another interesting element, the price of certain bases is often very affordable. You can easily find motorcycles that lend themselves perfectly to the transformation into a Café Racer on the second-hand market, in particular on Le Bon Coin. Thus, you have the choice to turn to the Japanese cars of the 80s and 90s like the legendary range of HONDA CBs of all displacements or to try your hand at preparing the famous flat twins from BMW. A good example, you can currently find a Suzuki GSX Inazuma 750 or 1200 around €2,000 on the second-hand market, which will be a reliable, inexpensive and ideal motorcycle for a preparation. Do not hesitate to read our article on the transformation of an Inazuma into a Scrambler .

3. Easy and accessible maintenance

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Older generations of motorcycles are both reliable and easy to maintain. Even if you have no experience in motorcycle mechanics, most of the time these are simple tasks that you can do yourself in your garage. This freedom of action is the very essence of the Café Racer! Doing everything yourself becomes a displayed pleasure.

Transforming a motorcycle into a Café Racer and properly maintaining it nevertheless requires some technical basics (accessible to all) and a minimum of tools. The annual maintenance of a recent motorcycle at your dealership will cost you between €150 and €300 for a simple overhaul, whereas if you carry out the maintenance yourself, you can easily divide the bill by 2 or even 3 . is full of video tutorials, groups and forums to help you with your project. Blackpines Café Racer can also guide you in the choice of your motorcycle parts and accessories whether for a counter, an exhaust, a saddle, a tank, shock absorbers, and even consumables for your revisions.

Finally, the cost of insurance is not higher than for standard motorcycles. With the rise of prepared motorcycles, several formulas have appeared on the market. La Mutuelle des Motards , for example, offers “Ma Perso” insurance, intended for motorcycles prepared, transformed or personalized in order to meet the specific needs of motorcyclists who have chosen to ride motorcycles with character.

4. Incomparable driving pleasure

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Bikers who choose to ride a Café Racer seek above all to avoid monotony and conformity. But what is the difference with a classic motorcycle? Riding a stock motorcycle can sometimes be boring and a little too conventional. The overflow of technologies can cause the primary sensations of the bike to be lost. A custom, stripped-down motorcycle, on the other hand, has a soul and a personality of its own, and every rider will enjoy feeling it.

Speed ​​and performance are no longer really sought after with a Café Racer, because the focus is more on the pleasure of driving. It is above all a question of discovering pretty landscapes on an improvised ride to the sound of the exhaust of the friend in front of you, hearing the suction of your carburettors equipped with beautiful horn air filters, feeling this "sweet" mixture of gasoline and leather at each red light, and finally spending more time on the terrace with friends admiring your bikes than on your saddle...

5. A state of mind

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Do you share the Café Racer mindset? Chances are that if you read this article to the end, you will be part of the family. What could be more gratifying indeed to affirm your style through a saddle, a painting, or the creation of unique pieces. In reality, this state of mind can express itself in many ways. Riding a Café Racer is a different way of experiencing the passion for motorcycling: the pleasure of simple mechanics, the taste for vintage, the feeling of freedom, the unique character of our motorbikes, rides with friends without looking for performance or even the new ideas that emerge every day like so many new projects for our beauties.

An important place is also given to the look of the biker, who will take care to select a jacket, a helmet , a mask , gloves and shoes in line with his mount. If you want to know more to choose your style of preparation, do not hesitate to read our article Café Racer, Scrambler or Tracker, which preparation to choose?

You have just seen the 5 reasons that will (perhaps) help you to take the Café Racer step . As you will have understood, this is not just a trend. The term Café Racer includes several different styles: from the real Café Racer to the Bobber via the Street Tracker, it is above all a state of mind.

The Blackpines Café Racer team is at your disposal to advise you in your project because we share the same passion.

Do not hesitate to consult us for all the parts and accessories you will need and to share your achievements with us so that we can talk about them in our blog.

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