Café Racer: Should You Fear the Technical Control?

Informations 2022 sur le contrôle technique moto.

Motorcycle Technical Inspection: list of checkpoints

Updated 06/11/23

Since the beginning of the 2000s, there has been a debate that has arisen regularly: European regulations on the periodic technical inspection of two-wheelers . The previous deadline, scheduled for January 1, 2022, was the cause of numerous demonstrations in April 2021.

Coordinated in particular by the FFMC (French Federation of Angry Bikers), the project was postponed by a year, leaving room for government reflection on a visual and sound inspection of the motorcycle as well as the evaluation of its pollution rate. .

To follow up on the actions of various associations with the Council of State (Respire, Ras-le-Scoot, and Paris sans Voitures), the project was relaunched and announced for this month of October! This is now done with the publication in the Official Journal of the implementation of technical inspections for two-wheelers. So, should Café Racers fear technical inspections?

Motorcycle tuning.


Which motorcycle checkpoints and at what prices?

The technical inspection of motorcycles has been debated in France and has pitted its supporters against its detractors for years. In this deleterious atmosphere tinged with conflicts of interest, the prospect of setting up a two-wheel inspection, starting in the fall of 2022, seemed risky to say the least.

Since the publication of this article, in May 2022, Decree No. 2021-1062 of August 9, 2021 (establishment of technical inspection of two- or three-wheeled motorized vehicles and motorized quadricycles) has been repealed by Decree No. 2022 -1044 of July 25, 2022. This same decree was canceled on October 31 by the Council of State for excess of power. As a result, the decree of August 9, 2021 was brought back into force.

On October 26, 2023 , the publication of the implementing measures of this decree confirms the deployment of motorcycle technical inspection from the month of April in 2024. An established MOT established for less than 0.5% of two-wheeler accidents linked to technical failures, on a fleet of around 4 million vehicles, a third of which are scooters. In fact, the complaints from associations demanding its implementation are essentially motivated by noise pollution.

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How many checkpoints and what would they cover?

In order to offer you a precise and official report, we have detailed in an article specially dedicated to the inspection all the points you need to know to best prepare your motorcycle:

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What will the cost of the motorcycle technical inspection be?

The price of the car inspection depends on the region and each center. It will be the same for motorcycles with an additional constraint to anticipate for two-wheelers, the proximity of a center equipped for these new checks and the risk of having to travel a certain number of kilometers to pass their MOT. Time and fuel costs which will be added to the €50 to €90 or more to be expected.

We wanted to focus more specifically on the nature of the technical checks of a motorcycle MOT. Indeed, in addition to the periodicity and the cost, many wonder and worry about what could risk being invalidated.

These questions are at least justified for modified and custom motorcycles such as Café racers, Scramblers, Bobbers and other Trackers. Depending on the transformations made, it is clear that the problem will arise irremediably if such control were to be established in France. Should you store your gleaming Café racer in a corner of the garage and use its LED lighting as a fixture in the living room? Or will we be able to continue to vibrate on the handlebars of our machine without the risk of being hit by the police?

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German motorcycle technical inspection: TÜV SÜD checkpoints

Motorcycle technical inspection already exists in several countries of the European Union. The modalities and technical aspects controlled are different depending on the country , so we looked at our German neighbors to see what was happening. With a number of motorcycles in circulation close to France, it seemed interesting to us to list the elements taken into account during their motorcycle technical inspection .

The world of Café Racer is not to be outdone across the Rhine and the Glemseck gathering is a real success every year. Note the TÜV sticker on the license plates of its superb machines. This shows that the rigor of the German inspection does not in any way hinder our common passion.

In Germany, the technical inspection of motorcycles is passed every two years and must validate the following points to obtain the TÜV (Technischer Überwachungs Verein) label . Several technical inspection bodies exist in Germany, we have taken TÜV SÜD as a reference. Here is the list of main points checked on motorcycles:

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General controls

  • Presentation of the registration document or registration certificate and, if necessary, other documents at hand, such as proof of tire approval.
  • Is the factory plate (rating plate) present and clearly legible?
  • Does the vehicle identification number (chassis number) match that on the papers and is it clearly legible?
  • Are the mirrors intact and secure?
  • Do the handlebar lock and speed indicator work?
  • License plate clearly legible, undamaged and securely attached?

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Lighting and electrical equipment

Motorcycle lighting.
  • Are the lamp housings and reflectors intact?
  • Are all lights and indicator lights working?
  • Are the headlight reflectors in order and not oxidized?
  • Do all bulbs shine evenly and without flickering?
  • Are the brake light switches properly adjusted?
  • Is the battery in good condition and correctly attached?
  • Does the horn work?
  • Are the electrical connections solid and not oxidized?
  • Are the electrical cables laid without friction and without damage?
  • Are the spark plugs and spark plug connectors specified in the vehicle documents installed?

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Checking the steering of the two-wheeler

Motorcycle cockpit.
  • Is the steering free, flexible and without stopping points?
  • Are the handlebars secure and undamaged?
  • Are the handlebar grips tight?

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Checking brake operation

Motorcycle front brake.
  • Are the brake system components (levers, lines, hoses, linkages, pads, discs and drums) in good condition?
  • Is the brake fluid not used up and is the brake fluid level correct?
  • Is the braking system waterproof and ventilated?
  • Are the brakes free to move?
  • Is there travel reserve in the lever and pedal?

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Wheels and tires

Former BMW off-roader.
  • Is the tire tread depth correct (minimum prescribed depth 1.6 mm - 1.0 mm for light motorcycles)?
  • Does the tire size and designation match those in the vehicle documents - or is the tire pairing approved and do you have proof of this?
  • Is the specified rolling direction for the tires correct?
  • Are the tires free of damage, such as dents, cuts or cracks?
  • Are the rims intact and securely attached?
  • Are the wheel axles attached and secure?

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Drive, chassis, frame and anchoring parts

Steampunk motorcycle.
  • Are all bolts tight and secure, if provided?
  • Are the chain, sprocket and sprocket in good condition?
  • Is the chain properly tensioned and sufficiently lubricated?
  • Is the chain direction correct when using a chain lock?
  • Is the chain guard in place?
  • Are the suspension struts and fork tubes tight?
  • Is the riding position of the side stand and main stand secure?
  • Is the fuel tank properly secured and undamaged?
  • Are the fuel lines secure and routed without friction?
  • Are the engine and gearbox waterproof?
  • Are the fairing and fairing windshield intact and provided with edge protection?
  • Is the seat properly secured?
  • Are the footrests in order?
  • Are cables, joints, linkages, latches and bearings lubricated?

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Exhaust gases and noise

Motorcycle exhaust.
  • Is the exhaust system leak-proof and properly secured?
  • Is the motorcycle too noisy?

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What can we conclude from the motorcycle inspection carried out in Germany?

Or should Café racer drivers fear motorcycle technical inspections? Although it only presents an overview of what is practiced today in Germany and in no way prefigures what the rules adopted at European level could constitute, the current TÜV certification does not pose any particular problems for motorcycles. modified. The checks carried out to date are nevertheless common sense. One of the most sensitive points will undoubtedly be at the level of the exhaust: pollution and dB. An aspect of the problem that it will be good to anticipate by adding a dB Killer baffle if necessary.

TÜV certification is renowned for its rigor and it is rather reassuring to see the number of German Café Racers on the road with the famous sticker on the license plate. Also, take care of your old motorcycle and take care of your modifications to protect yourself from a costly re-inspection.

The Blackpines team selects and offers quality motorcycle parts and accessories in its online store to allow you to equip and transform your motorcycle according to your desires.

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Interview with Julien Coster , director of BlackPines Café Racer , by Cécile de Ménibus. Sud-Radio broadcast from Tuesday December 19, 2023:

Royal Enfield BPCR prepared by Blackpines.

For additional information, a report on technical inspection broadcast at the beginning of September on BFM Business:



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